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Feb 16, 2007 06:45 AM

Great Ottawa lunch Nokham Thai

Hello Chowers:

I had to share a great lunch I discovered with a friend this week, a little, but very busy Thai place on Richmond Road called Nokham, clearly a well known spot, like I said, super busy at lunch (but still great friendly efficient service) and had loads of reviews decorating to windows and walls. We shared a wonderful nutty peanut satay starter, then I ordered Gang Garee Gai, curried chicken with potatoes. Loads of wonderful coconut flavor to it, it was listed as spicy, but was only a gentle warmth, perfect for the miserable winter day we chose to go out! My friend had the Pad (sp) King, and declared she could live on it, both meals were very fairly priced at 9.75 each, Both included a lovely Hot and Sour soup.
I'll be sure to head back there

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  1. kaymanti, I've also been to Nokham and enjoyed it very much. I did find the Pad Thai to be a little too sweet for my liking, but otherwise tasty, and the Gaeng Garee Gai was fabulous as you state. It's not the most atmospheric of restaurants, but the food is lovely.

    Also good in the West end is Baan Thai on Centrepointe Drive. Gorgeous interior, very cosy and welcoming, and the family who runs it are friendly and the service excellent.

    1. Thanks Alicat:
      Im still fairly new to Thai food, tho I love the Thai Kitchen line of products that can be found at the grocery stores, I want to spend more time in the restaurants, but get nervous trying new items, my restaurant budget dosent afford me much room for risk in meals I might not like, so I always like suggestions, Ill be sure to look up the one in the West end.

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        The Thai Kitchen line of products are *so* overpriced, and usually not of very good quality. If you want to get into Thai cookery, I suggest you pick up the book "Simply Thai" by Wandee Young and Byron Ayanoglu; you should be able to find it at most Chapters locations. Wandee Young was essentially the woman who brought Thai food to Canada and her recipes are simple, delicious, and easy to make. You can probably find most ingredients (except Thai basil, which some dishes require) at a grocery store, although I strongly suggest you hit up Chinatown, where you'll easily be able to find everything at a much, much cheaper price; furthermore, you'll be supporting smaller businesses.