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Feb 16, 2007 06:43 AM

NYC hounder coming for food&wine festival thinking Joe's for lunch, your rec's please

Flying in a day early and never been to Joe's. Really want big stone crab claws, any rec's?

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  1. Joe's would be a good place for that.

    1. Joe's is something everyone should do once. But just a word of caution. The Wine and Food festivel brings a lot of people to South Beach and as a result the traffic and parking is horrible. We stay at a hotel close to some of the activities but if we must go somewhere else, we take a taxi. Now-a-days, there are so many events there seems to be little time to do anything else. Have a wonderful time.

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        Thanx so much! This is our first time and I was wondering about getting around. We are staying at the Colony on Ocean Dr so I think we'll be okay. Just hope for a place close with giant stone crab claws thats not touristy. Thanx again for you hwelp.

      2. Are you going to one of the Grand Tastings? If you are, start at the 2nd tent. The place is a mad house once they start letting people in but most will stay in the first tent. Walk all the way through it and start at the 2nd tent.

        1. Try Sardinia on Purdy Avenue. It's just far enough off the main drag that you shouldn't find too much of a crowd. It's amazingly fresh, high quality, comfortable, affordable, and above all (something that's difficult to find in Miami) has a knowledgable and well-trained staff. They're open for lunch and for dinner.

          1. Joe's never disappoints. Lunch time wait shouldn't be bad. While your down at that end of the beach, go to Smith & Wollensky's for a drink. Watching ships come into Goverment Cut is always nice. Enjoy your time here.