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Best Chocolate Ever! [Manchester, CT]

I'm a regular chowhound lurker who has never posted, but as I've just had the best dang chocolate of my life [and I'm a lifelong chocoholic who's tried it all], I'm inspired to post.

I was at Shady Glen [Manchester Parkade] when I noticed a new place in the stripmall "Organic Belgium Chocolates". [The storefront is kind of weird and corporate looking with no hours posted.] I gave it a shot and the chocolate was good -- real good. Dark, sort of crunches apart in your mouth and fresh, really fresh tasting. I had the Chambord and Amaretto truffles [made with the real liquors] and they were worlds apart from the big, waxy style truffle [far better than Neuhas]. I also had a toffee/crunch square that highlighted just how good the plain chocolate is. They make their stuff on the premises and it's all organic [which frankly never suggested good chocolate to me in the past]. I think the official name of the store is Divine Treasures.

So, while you won't get the candy store atmosphere of say the former Crand's Candy Castle, you will get some amazing chocolate. I can't wait to go back.

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    1. Thanks! I'm headed that way this weekend. I'll be sure to check it out.
      While you're in the area, checkout Guido's Drive In. It's in that vicinity but I'm not sure where. It moved from Enfield and has pretty good 50's diner food.

      1. I'll definitely have to check it out. Thanks for the tip!

        1. FYI Guidos is right around the corner from the Manchester Parkade. You would take the same exit off of 84 (Middle turnpike) and pass the parkade (on your right) and Guidos is at the next main intersection on the right at a place that used to be called Kool Kow. (it looks like originally the building may have been a chain fast food joint).

          mmmm now I'm hungry!

          1. I live right near Guido's. The place was a Dairy Queen before it was Kool Kow. Something about the place is off-putting to me. It doesn't feel like a professional food provider. They haven't replaced the sign on the building it's just exposed florecent lights, the menu board has too much handwritten scraps of paper and the place seems dingy inside. But hey, if the food is good I wouldn't really care. Any menu selections?

            1. We stopped in yesterday and the chocolates are indeed delicious. Truffles cost $1 each and each one was better than the next. I believe everything else costs $19 per pound, though I did not inquire about the large selection of sugar free chocolates on display. We drove over from Kensington and the next customer in the door was from Newington so the word is starting to get out. The owner said she has only been opened two months so here is hoping she is successful.

              1. Thanks so much for the info. I stopped in last weekend and was blown away. I spoke with Diane, the owner, who told me that she doesn't use processed sugar or high fructose corn syrup. Instead, most products are sweetened with brown rice syrup or agave nectar. Florida crystals are used in the few products that do require sugar in order to turn out properly. They were low on truffles, so I opted for two kinds of dark bark, which were outstanding. I also bought some espresso crunch chocolates, which, for the coffee lover, are sheer heaven. Fair trade organic coffee beans are used in this product. Sugar free chocolates are sweetened with stevia, and they're every bit as good as the regular items. There are even little bite sized drops topped with nuts or toffee chips that are popular with Weight Watchers, because they're a point each and very satisfying. When I told Diane I found Divine Treasures through Chowhound, she was tickled and asked for the site's address. This stuff is way better than most chocolate I've had, and while I financially and physically can't afford to indulge as often as I'd like, Divine Treasures is my new go-to choice for fine quality treats. The plus is that patronizing the store supports a local business person.

                1. We were hugely disappointed by this chocolate. Let me preface this by saying that we are huge proponents of alternative sweetners, and use agave almost exclusively in our baked goods at home. We drove all the way from Boston to check this place out. The owner, Diane, was very friendly and we bought an assortment. The chocolate has a somewhat diluted, overly waxy consistency that does not soften well on the palate. Also, we found everything almost sickeningly oversweetened. That being said, I use half the amount of recommended sweetner in my cooking, so my tastebuds are acclamated to a very low sweetness level. Nevertheless, we were overall quite disappointed.

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                    I am new to this web site and travel frequently to the area...I posted a reply earlier today about a pizza shop in Manchester ...see my other post about Mulberry St. Pizza titled "Interesting Pizza Experience"

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                      Thanks, sodagirl. Since you are new to the site.......replies are usually meant to be related to the thread. Posts related to the same town/local, but not relevant to the same subject (ie if I had also writtten about pizza east of the river...) typically aren't posted....that said, I did enjoy your other post and *DID* see it! We don't live there, but I grew up there and my parents are still in the area.

                  2. I was told about this place by someone who was waiting to get her teeth cleaned at our dentisti's - great place for a conversation about chocolate. I haven't been yet. BUT - there's a terrific little sushi place nearby - Hana Sushi. Don't miss it. It's next to that 50's diner-ish place mentioned in this board.

                    1. I concur... This is amazing chocolate! It is highly recommended and gives me a reason to go back and visit my home town. Well worth the travel.

                      1. Thanks for the tip. I am forever looking for Belgium creams. I have only had them once before, as they are sold fresh from Belgium due to their fresh cream component. Do you know if they serve such a sweet? If so, I highly recommend...

                        1. I beg to differ! The best chocolate ever is at this little place in Perkin's Cove up in Maine! :-)

                          I wish I knew a place with chocolate like that near Manchester!

                          (Disclaimer: I haven't tried the place you're talking about.)

                          1. On the subject of chocolate: probably the best guide to chocolate shops on the web: