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Feb 15, 2007 11:09 PM

Asia de Cuba vs. Republic?

Hi Everyone,

We're celebrating a very special birthday soon, and was wondering which restaurant you'd recommend. The birthday boy has narrowed it down to the two that he's never tried. I remember Asia de Cuba being good, but have never been to Republic. Luckily, both have bars for after dinner...I know the Asia de Cuba definitely has a nice ambience (that's important to the birthday boy), but what about Republic? I can only see so many images on their website.

What do you guys think?

Thank you!

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  1. If you are young, Asia de Cuba is definitely for you. Republic is great, but definitely more sedate.

    1. go with asia de cuba. The food is horrendous at Republic. Trust me I've been twice.

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      1. re: djblisk

        Wouldn't say horrendous, but not worth the price of admission. That menu has to change, or they will "kill the place off"!

        1. re: Havesom00

          I will have to agree. It's a beautiful restaurant but the food is definitely not worth the price.

      2. I'd go with Asia de Cuba as well, it's much more closer to other nightlife options in WeHo (Republic is a bit detached from everything else).

        Republic has a nice internal ambience too (the wine fairy is apparently a must see...) and while I personally had a good food experience there shortly after it opened, many CHers haven't -- so I'm wary about recommending the place for food now.


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        1. re: AquaW

          The attitude at Asia De Cuba is horrendous and dining there doesn't grant you automatic access to SKYBAR. trust me on this one. I had a $400 dinner there for two with an out of town client , and they wouldnt let us walk in so I could even just show it to him. I was wearing a Gucci suit and was not innappropriately dressed or misbehaved in any way. they really just think who the hell they are in that place. The one in NY is almost as bad.

          1. re: AquaW

            Republic is actually nearby to a lot of the hottest spots right now (directly across from Area) but I think it's overpriced and not very good. Go to one of the many amazing places on Beverly or 3rd for dinner and then get bottle service at wherever spot you pick to go drink after.

          2. Never been to AdC, but Republic is a joke: bad service, horrendous food, and that moronic girl tied to a wire picking up the wines... puhleeeze... - Stay away!!!

            1. love asia de cuba, gotta have the lobster boniato mashed potatoes. i have always had the best of service, but maybe it's the fact that I usually go with a bunch of girls and the servers are always men...hmmm