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Feb 15, 2007 10:08 PM

SF - Park Gyros on 9th?

Glancing at the Waiter on Wheels menu, I noticed Park Gyros.

What's the verdict?

Reviews all over the place on Yelp. People seem to like the salmon wrap. What caught my interest was someone was horrified that there were French fries IN the wrap, not WITH the wrap. That was one of my memories of Greece, sandwiches with a layer of fries.

Two good reports on Chowhound.

Seems like they have free delivery too so WOW might be unecessary.

The sight says it is under new management, but who knows how long that has been there.

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  1. I have been once, about a year ago, though i only live a walk away. i enjoyed their skewers, hummus, pita, and salad. i don't think i liked their babaganoush

    1. I've been once for dolmas, pita/hummous, and a falafel wrap, all of which were fine. I'd recommend taking thiings to go to the botanical gardens if it's nice out.

      One oddity is that they randomly serve a sub called the 'Atomic' which is identical to Submarine Center's signature sandwich. Also, if you search Google Local for 'Submarine Center,' the Park Gyros address comes up as a second location. I talked to the guy behind the counter at PG and he said the two shops aren't related -- anyone had the PG Atomic?

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        There used to be a Submarine Center (or something submarine-y like that) where Park Gyros is now.

      2. I love their babaganoush, its really smoky and has a great texture. They do have free delivery, so I don't know why you would need WOW. I don't have much experience with the rest of the menu but the babaganoush is top notch.

        1. I love their rice pudding. It's a great place to stop if you're on the way to or from the park.

          1. Park Gyros is a nice addition to the food scene in the Inner Sunset (especially as Yumma has really gone downhill). The falafel sandwich is a good one (and he does throw some fries in the wrap). I typically ask for it spicy and they never skimp on the hot sauce. Shwarma is good as well. The wraps are never dry, which can be a problem with other falafel huts i've gone too. The hummus appetizer is good. It's the smooth and creamy variety of hummus (israeli/lebanese style...kind of).....not heavily spiced, but he dusts it with hot paprika and a pour of olive oil. I typically get a side of fries too as he always makes them real crisp. They are just frozen fries or something, but he does a good job cooking them. The owner is really cool. Always throws in a dessert (since we're in there a bit). And they have good hot sauce on the table.