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Feb 15, 2007 08:38 PM

Elderflower Cordial?

Hi there, first time posting, although I've found the information on here invaluable. I'm a Brit living in LA for a little while so have been finding my way round the shops through the chowhound boards.

I need Elderflower Cordial though. And I don't have time to order it online. I really need it tomorrow.

Wholefoods, Market Gourmet, Bay Cities, Mr Marcel all didn't stock it. I'm on the Westside in Venice, so ideally somewhere not too far from here would be great.

I've found Elderflower presse, but I need the undiluted cordial stuff. Is it known by a different name here? And where can I get it.

Many thanks

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  1. Try The Tudor House. It's a tearoom/teashop which stocks many varieties of rare drinks, teas, and food items found in other countries, particularly the UK.

    1403 2nd St
    Santa Monica, CA 90401
    (310) 451-4107

    1. I'm not sure if it's exactly what you're looking for, but Ikea sells an elderflower syrup concentrate.

      1. The Continental Shop on Wilshire in Santa Monica may also carry it.

        1. Hi - I'm pretty sure Surfas in Culver City has it...I think I saw it last time I was there.

          1. I found it at The Continental Shop. Thanks for all your help.