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Feb 15, 2007 07:15 PM

Flourless Brownie Recipe

I saw on food network Lulu's in Scarsdales that have a flourless brownie. I was wondering if anyone has a recipe for a good flourless brownie. I have good ones for cakes. Thanks

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  1. If you don't object to 3 tbsp. of flour, this recipe is DA BOMB!

    1. sorry, it wouldn't be a real brownie without flour! It's the texture that separates brownies from cake and/or mousse. The flour is an essential ingredient, and I don't mean just a couple of tablespoons!

      Not that this recipe you mention wouldn't taste great.... just couldn't be a brownie.

      1. I do a flourless brownie based on ground walnuts. You really need a powerful food processor to get them to the right texture though.

        1. Look above at Valentine Chocolate Orbit. Better than any brownie I've had in a long time

          1. Flourless--I'm interested. Regardless of the opinions stated here, dietary limitations exist everywhere--and a good brownie recipe is good to have in the back pocket.

            Thanks in advance.

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              I would love this recipe too. My usual is Nick Malgieri's Supernatural Brownies but they have 1 cup of flour in them for a 13x9 pan.