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Feb 15, 2007 06:55 PM


Are there any kosher restaurants in the Florida capital? My son might be spending the next 4 years as a Seminole

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  1. As you can tell my screen name, I'm sorry to hear that. :-)

    Seriously, does he have any other options that are worthwhile? If Judaism is important to you (and him), I'd suggest you consider them. Tally is a kosher (and Jewish, for the most part) wasteland, with the only option, AFAIK, the chabad kosher co-op.

    1. :) thank you for the info. We did find out when we visited. yup, Judaism is important and is pushing him away from Tallahassee :)

      1. Good luck in the process!

        1. A good friend of mine is orthodox and has really struggled to remain kosher in Tallahassee. He prepares most of his own food in his kosher kitchen. University of Miami or FIU or Fla. Atlantic would probably be better options for local kosher restaurants. But that is not to say that many wonderful people of the jewish faith not only live in the Capital City but thrive here too! Good luck to your son!