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Feb 15, 2007 06:36 PM

Good bread - where can I buy it?

We can never find really good bread around Northern Virginia so we have to bring it down from NJ where my wife's family is from. We prefer bread with body and a thick crust. Any suggestions>

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  1. Au Bon Pain (translated: good bread), Breadline, Panera, etc....those are some bread options...

    1. Catania's Bakery at 1404 North Capital Street in DC. Traditional Italian bread since 1932. Wholesales to restaurants and stores like Litteri's. Open for retail sales on Saturday from 6AM until 1 PM. Also croissants and biscotti in a variety of flavors.

      Firehook Bakery has fabulous bread. See their selection and locations online.

      1. You might try Marvelous Market at locations around the area. If you get north of the Potomac you should try Upper Crust in Colesville, MD (a/k/a North Silver Spring). They have a good variety of breads and rolls. Go early in the day as they sell out of the good stuff by 2 pm. They are closed on Mondays.

        1. Have you tried any of the Great Harvest shops?

          If you're in the Herndon area, try Grace's Pastries in the K-Mart center as well. These are more homestyle breads.

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            Oh, and in Leesburg is Lightfoot's cafe, right next to the resto.

          2. In Arlington, Pastries by Randolph (I know the name says "pastries," but their baguettes and batards are excellent); (second choice) Heidelberg Bakery (more selection than Randolph's, but Randolph's is better with the lighter stuff; Heidelberg is good for the hearty, like-your-German-grandmother-used-to-make stuff).