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Feb 15, 2007 06:35 PM

Hu's Szechwan Restaurant on National and Rose

I will be moving to this area in the next month. How does this restaurant rate?

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  1. Be forewarned that many of the contributors to this page disparage any Chinese Restaurants in L.A. that are further west than the San Gabriel Valley. Hu's is one of the most longlived Chinese restaurants on the westside, and there are reasons. Some pretty good shrimp dishes. At lunch they serve a tasty little Chinese chicken salad along with some of the specials, though there are few selections for the lunch specials and the hot and sour soup is weak. Go with a group and order from the regular menu to share. I'd rate it up among the best Chinese on the west side. It can be a bit difficult to find, on a stretch of National east of Overland that turns several times as it snakes towards Venice Blvd -- it is actually at National and National where it makes a 90-degree turn, just west of Motor.

    1. I used to go there for their szechuan dumplings when I took a bar review course a block away. I remember being in love with those dumplings. But I haven't been there in 13 years. Every time I drive by I wonder if they're still as good as they used to be. I would bet they are.

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        Last time I went (about two years ago) the dumplings were still really good. Probably my favorite thing on the menu.

        As another poster mentioned, the eggplant is also good.

      2. I quite like their mapo tofu, even more so than that at many of the Sichuan restaurants in MP/Alhambra. Tastes just like the mapo tofu I used to eat in Taiwan (whether that's authentic or not is another matter). It has more of a chile bean sauce flavor, rather than the twin, raw blasts of Sichuan peeper and chile heat that some of the other versions have had.

        1. FWIW Tari, you're moving into a neighborhood with pretty good chow options in addition to Hu's.

          1. Dingy and byob. Food, oh yeah, they serve food.