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Feb 15, 2007 05:53 PM

Im still having a problem with navigation

the setup of the chowhound board still confuses me. Should I click on "boards" or the little arrow? If I click on "boards" I dont get the list of boards, just the latest posts. Its not intuitive. Im not sure what happens when I click on the little arrow next to My Chow.

I dont see the point of the differentiation between the name and the arrow and its mucho annoying to click and not see anything happen.

Second, in the "hotposts mode" I dont get being served an undifferentiated list of latest posts. The only diff from "latest posts" I guess would be if I had deleted some on my fave boards.

Third, I find Im looking at a lot fewer boards than I did in original chowhound hotpost mode, and fewer than I did when there was a pulldown starting in July. Going back to that big set of columns and eyeballing it (and sometimes expanding it cause it doesnt always show the choices all the way down to Italy) takes too long. It would be better IMO to have a few choices we could expand with a click than to have the whole panoply showing as it does. But please, not using tiny little meaningless symbols we have to puzzle out.

thanks for keeping this resource here - I am mindful of all the work.

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  1. Clicking the arrow produces a dropdown list that contains all of the boards. Clicking the my Chow arrow will also produce a dropdown list of the different my Chow pages. The actual link will take you to the default page. We use the arrow metaphor in a few different places, including the Topic Options dropdown on all of the topic pages.

    You have the ability to select a specific board on the hot posts page by clicking the 'switch board' link.

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    1. re: Engineering

      I understand how it is supposed to work but what I am saying is that the arrow just doesnt speak to me.

      It may be because what i want to get to under "boards" is the hotposts equivalent - to get to that, rather than "latest posts" I have to click twice, first on the arrow and then on the "hotposts equivalent text". that takes me to the "hotposts equivalent mixed up list I was referring to above, at which point I have to "change boards" and click on the pulldown menu.

      Whereas to get to "my recent posts" all I have to do is click on the text link for My Chow.

      this disparity is confusing and the rationale for "latest posts" vs. the hotposts version is totally unclear. My opinion is that you should get rid of the latest posts view, which serves no separate useful purpose and make the interface easier for people.

      1. re: jen kalb

        Why not just bookmark the pages that you want to go to?

        1. re: jen kalb

          The 'latest posts' view is actually the front page of the site--what people see when they come directly to, it's not something we can get rid of since it's the starting view for new visitors.

          1. re: jen kalb

            I don't think one user of the site has spoken up in favor of the arrow. It simply doesn't make sense. It's not intuitive- it's something that has to be learned by using the site or reading this board. I understand the desire for design consistency but it seems it's being done at too high a cost.

        2. I regularly read 5+ boards and the down chevron is a POOR TARGET to navigate between boards. Get rid of the chevron and move the functionality to the 'Boards' button. Bigger target and more intuitive. Boards is Boards!