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Feb 15, 2007 04:58 PM

Aroma Kitchen & Winebar

Hi all,

I am going to Aroma on 4th st (btw Layfette & Bowery). I found some reviews online. I was hoping someone can give me more feedback on the food and service. I know it's a tiny place. Thanks

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  1. I was here last week. It's a tiny place, so as a party of 6 we were a little crowded, but it was a pleasant meal. Nothing was amazing, but everything was solidly good. The service was friendly and very accommodating, and they had no problem repeating the (very extremely) long list of specials a few times for us. The wine list was interesting, with a few really obscure wines, organized well by style and approach.

    The noise level was not too loud, so it was perfect for chatting with friends. Overall a positive, but not extraordinary experience.