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Feb 15, 2007 04:45 PM

Looking for Gourmet Cakes in Boston Area

Hello everyone! I'm a long- time browser but a first time poster.

I'm looking for some fancy/ unique cakes for my girlfriend's birthday party. We wanted to get a few 8-12 in cakes so a group of people can pick and choose what they'd like. We've tried finale's: the cakes looked nice but they were a bit boring in taste...

I'm open to any and all suggestions regarding unique cakes. I think we're on the adventurous side when it comes to food...
but to get it started, is there a place anyone here would recommend for Tiramisu, Opera, Chocolate cake, etc?


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  1. Not cheap, but worth it, in my view, is Konditor Meister in Braintree. Spectacular and delicious cakes. See:

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    1. re: MC Slim JB

      I quite agree! Konditormeister's cakes never disappoint. The only other patisserie to compare is Delphin's Gourmandise in Marblehead.

      Unless you want something like Italian rum Cake, then I would go to Modern Pastry on Hanover Street. They have the best Italian pastry in Boston.

      1. re: ChefJune

        Ah, but Delphin hasn't been making cakes in Marblehead since 2001! He teaches at Cambridge Culinary now. He used to send requests for cakes on to his graduates, but I haven't seen one for quite a while. Konditomeister: always very lovely, but the quality of the cakes seems to vary year to year. When they're good, they are very good and exquisitly beautiful. Truly Jorg's does good decoration.......... And Finales - I won't say anything, because "If you can't say something nice...."!

    2. I cannot believe I am saying this, but try out dessert works in norwood.

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        Why can't you believe you are recommending Dessert Works? Just wondering. I used to go there all the time when they were in Medfield. I thought they were wonderful and a nice couple to deal with. We got a cake there for my grandmother's 90th birthday and it was delicious. You can check out their photo gallery at

      2. Cafe Cakes for the milk tea cake (Earl Grey flavoured) -- one of the best cakes I've had anywhere. Exceptional flavour, delicate crumb, cake speaks for itself, with support from judicious butter cream, rather than the reverse.

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          Wanted to add - loved the tiramisu ice cream cake from JP Licks.

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            I see Cafe Cakes listed in Watertown, on Galen St., and another listed in Belmont on Trapelo Rd. Which one? Also, speaking of fabulous cakes, does anyone know where I could find a mocha almond dacquoise?

            1. re: Lgalen

              The Watertown location is the one to go; the Belmont location is the previous address, they're not there anymore.

          2. is vickie lee boynton (spelling?) still around. She used to make FABULOUS cakes but I have lost track of her.

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              That would be Vicki Lee Boyajian... and I don't know where she is, either.

            2. Luberto's in Revere, has great Rum cakes, whipped cream with fruit glazed (my fav), on top. All Italian, and I think the best desserts. Stands right up there with Modern! A true hidden gem.