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Feb 15, 2007 04:43 PM

Irish Breakfast

I'm looking for as close to an authentic Irish breakfast in the city. Suggestions or experiences?

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  1. Fitzer's Pub on Superior offers all-day Irish b'fast. It used to be authentic, because it was owned by an Irish hotel chain, but I haven't been there since the hotel changed hands.

    Pepper Canister on Wells serves all-day Irish b'fast, but it doesn't open until lunch time.

    1. The Grafton on Lincoln has Irish Breakfast. I don't know how early they open since they are a pub but I've enjoyed it for dinner.

      1. Tommy Nevin's Pub in Evanston offers an all-day Irish breakfast for @ $10 -- Traditional Irish Breakfast: Fried eggs, bangers, black & white pudding, rashers, baked beans

        1. Gingers Ale House on Ashland and Grace serves a mean Irish Breakfast. Alot of my from Ireland friends swear by it

          1. Gingers is great and the most like home; I go there all the time for the ManU games. The Globe on Irving Park actually has better foood, especially the black & white pudding, but service is awful on weekends because of the soccer crowds. The Abbey (Grace & Elston) is also worth a trip, and there's a place in the west 4000s on Irving Park (don't know the name - it's about 1 mile west of the VW dealership, on the north side of the street) that has great scones along with an excellent fried breakfast. But I've not yet found a true fried breakfast in Chicago (bangers, bacon, pudding, egg, tomato, mushroom, beans, fried potato or soda bread).

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              I know Martyrs used to have fried breakfast like that, but I haven't been back there in years. You may want to call them and see