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Feb 15, 2007 04:27 PM


I have not been able to find Fresh Porcini in Brooklyn. Does anyone have a good supplier? Are they available by mail? Manhattan OK too.

I have tried my usual sources, the local markets like GARDEN of EDEN and the Korean markets with no luck.

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  1. There are some great produce places down in sheepshead area, Ave z and 18th, that area.

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    1. re: Quine

      But do they have fresh Porcini?

    2. I was able to google and find mail sources. You can try that then.

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        Thanks. I appreciate your help. I will try the mail order for fresh Porcini. I hope they have good quality Dried Porcini at SAHADI'S, although he doesn't stock the really higher end merchandise any longer (like high quality black truffle oil) because he says people won't pay the higher prices.

        I have usually been able to find most things locally. I have been getting Meyer Lemons at GRAND CENTRAL MARKET, but would love to find them locally. Any tips on that?

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          Garden of Eden occasionally has Meyer lemons, but not always.

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            I haven't seen Meyer Lemons at my local GofE on Montague Street. I did buy 9 gorgeous huge ones at GRAND CENTRAL MARKET yesterday.

      2. I've seen them at whole foods in Manhattan. Also, have you check the key food on fifth ave... they have a rather good mushroom selection.

        1. meyer lemons are now at Fairway in Red Hook.

          1. I've never seen them in Brooklyn, however they had them recently at the Manhattan Fruit Exchange in the Chelsea Market.

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              a couple weeks ago Eagle provisions was selling nice ones 2/$1 out of a box at the register - he may still have some.

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                Yes, I saw them in Chelsea Market yesterday. Along with a large variety of fresh mushrooms including chanterelles.