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Feb 15, 2007 04:04 PM

K Tokyo (DFW)

K Tokyo
2217 Greenville Ave
Dallas, TX 75206
Phone: 214-824-3255
(Across from Whole Foods, next door to Sevan)

Saw some early buzz on this board about a new 24 hour sushi joint on Greenville Avenue, so we rolled in around 9:30 last Friday to check it out. Warning: upon your arrival some member of the staff will rush to the door, reach behind you and bang on a gong really loudly to announce your presence to the entire restaurant. They will bang the gong repeatedly upon your departure. For someone easily startled by loud noises (me), this makes for a nervous, distracting meal as patrons come and go.

The restaurant has only been open for a short while, so they do not have their liquor license yet. I noticed that other tables had brought their own wine and beer. The menu was a mix of Japanese and Korean dishes, and the staff was all Asian, which was initially a good sign, but I stuck with the sushi menu. After hearing lukewarm reviews about the nigiri, I ordered the philadelphia roll ($6.99) and the tempura shrimp roll ($7.99). They were both significantly larger than I'm accustomed to. The philly deviated from tradition through the addition of imitation crab and cucumber, while wrapping the salmon around the outside. The tempura shrimp roll was marred by the same crab and cucumber. The waitress brought another roll, on the house, but I couldn't understand the name she murmured. Underneath a loose beard of panko bread crumbs, I detected a layer of spicy mayo, more imitation crab, and other miscellaneous soft proteins. It was tasty enough, though what isn't after you smother it with that spicy mayo?

My friend ordered the bulgogi. The portion was quite large. He didn't seem that impressed, but nevertheles cleaned his plate.

All in all, the sushi was nothing to get excited about, but I'll probably keep the restaurant in mind as post-2:00 AM sobering grounds.

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  1. We actually have been there twice, once in April and once in July. I will not return there again! The menu is in English & Korean; no Japanese. I found that odd - I suppose the owners are Koreans?

    First visit - not too crowded on a Sat night. Rec'd a complimentary house sushi roll. We also ordered gyoza as app - turned out it's served fried.

    Husband ordered "sashimi rice bowl" It comes in a bowl with salad on the bottom, and thick pieces of sashimi (tuna, white tuna, salmon) on top. Rice comes in a separate bowl, and then a dish of hot sauce. Apparently, he's supposed to mix all together in the big bowl, not unlike Korean bim-bim-bap. All he could taste was the flavor of the hot sauce.

    I ordered chicken donkatsu bento box. It comes with miso soup, salad, 3 pieces of fried gyoza, 4 pieces of sushi roll, 3 shrimp tempura and 3 vegetable tempura, plus the chicken. This was only $13, and that's a lot of food. However, I didn't care for the chicken. It was too dry. The tempura was soggy. The sushi roll? Consists of unidentifiable contents.

    Second visit - Went on Sat night again, this time quite crowded and we sat at sushi bar. 2 large groups which are very loud (with lots of alcohol). Husband wanted to order the bulgogi. "No, we don't have any," we were told. It was only 8pm on a Sat night and they don't have bulgogi?? And they're supposed to be open 24 hours? Husband therefore reverted to the "sashimi rice bowl" again. It was the same, not much flavor.

    I was scarred by the bento box experience, so I ordered a pan-fried udon dish with beef. The menu states it comes with zucchini, mushrooms, cabbage & carrots. It came out extremely greasy and I could not find any zucchini or mushrooms at all. I could have made it myself much better at home.

    We also ordered a spider roll. There was only 1 sushi chef that evening (for a Sat night!) so it took forever to come. It was mediocre at best.

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    1. re: y2000k

      FYI, the majority of Japanese restaurants in this country (even those in CA) aren't owned by Japanese. Most are owned by Koreans and Chinese.

      Koreans have their own version of sushi--my understanding is they use sesame oil instead of vinegar for seasoning.

      Joy's Kitchen in Richardson has VERY GOOD gimbap.

    2. K Tokyo is awesome for what it is. I've probably been 25 times.

      Here are the rules:

      *Always order sushi or rolls as everything else is terrible
      *Avoid the "house roll". It's no good
      *It's BYOB, so plan on cheap drinking
      *Don't go if on a date or expecting something "nice". It is exactly as I've described it - a hole-in-the-wall sushi joint.
      *Bring your sense of humor. You'll need it for the Gong and the absolutely insane chef who I have witnessed do some very, very funny things. I think he keeps some sake underneath the salmon.
      *Marvel at the bill. I'm a 250 pound glutton, and I can eat for $20. Salmon sushi, white tuna sushi, scallop sushi and miso. Y

      It's yummy and cheap. But it ain't Yutaka.

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      1. re: Epicurious Esquire

        What is the deal w/ that place? I have been there twice with a great overall dining experience until I get notified that it's cash only.
        The first time I was told the credit card machine wasn't working and the second time there was no mention of them even having a machine. It's not enough to keep me from eating there,it's a great meet up place w/ my gal pals. Just need to know if I have to swing by the ATM first.

        **Does anyone know if they intend on remaining cash only?**

      2. The place is great!! For the price the Sushi is very good. The owner is Japanese & Korean and this is his 4th restaurant and he has wrote a book. Usually when I go to a Sushi place I stick to the sushi so that is what was a good value there. It totally blows that crap sushi from Blue Fish up the street out of the water! Who cares if the servers & help don't speak English that well.....who does anymore is this town, at least they're Asian.