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Kyoto Sushi in Greenpoint?

I recently took a chance and ordered from their "Grand Opening" Menu that they stuck in my gate... and it was really good! I'm wondering if that's just because I've been starved for better-than-mediocre sushi up here with my only options being Wasabi, Sapporo Haru and Katsu (which I admit I haven't tried since the new management)... or if good sushi has indeed finally arrived in the hinterlands of Greenpoint?

Anyone else tried Kyoto yet? Been inside or seen the place? Love it? Hate it?

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  1. i haven't noticed it. where is it?

    1. yea, where is it? I just googled it and only came up with kyoto sushi in flushing and manhattan.

      we generally go to sapporo haru for stuff in the neigborhood: they aren't fantastic, but much better than wasabi and the owner is totally sweet. we also haven't tried katsu since the new management, but have noticed that business has picked up, which might be a good sign?

      very curious to hear more about this kyoto place....

      1. it's on nassau, just east of McGuinness. it opened about 2 weeks ago

        1. cool, thanks for the info; I'll check it out this weekend....

          1. I'm glad to read about it here. It's 2 blocks from my house and I can't imagine a stranger spot for a sushi restaurant than in a deep Polish neighborhood. I will try it soon and post a report!

            1. I went there last night for the first time. I prefer Sapporo haru. They are very sweet at Kyoto too, but the dishes I ordered were not quite what I was expecting. It seemed to me that it was "chinese" style japanese food. Not bad, not fantastic, but right around the corner from me!

              1. I tried it on Saturday night and I was pleasantly surprised. I guess my main concern was the freshness of everything since I can't imagine they're too busy. It's the pessimist in me. The salad was excellent. The miso soup was bland but the sushi was great, fresh and sizeable. I have to disagree with jmp34 about the "Chinese" style thing. I don't really know what you mean. They have a large menu, and no Chinese items on there, but standard Japanese menu items and some inventive sushi too.....they also gave us some free California rolls because we spent over 30$.

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                  I like it too (looking it up online at work got me to this thread) but it is totally "Chinese" style, in that it isn't Japaneses. Maybe a better term is NY style, you know all kinds of crap in a crazy roll style. Trust me the sushi I had as a kid in japan was austere and spartan next to this crazy black-dragon roll style. Basically I it needs to be judged on its own merits, like NY pizza by the slice versus Naples style whole pies. But yeah I'm calling them right now for a pick-up order.

                2. I still haven't made it over there, but I've been consistently happy with their take-out sushi; especially their rolls, which seem more flavorful and carefully assembled than Sapporo Haru (I always find their sushi and maki to be really slapped together and not that tasty). Anyway, thanks for the investigative reporting!

                  1. I got the vegetable udon there last night and it was so horribly bland -- just noodles, veggies and huge blocks of tofu in a very clear and tasteless broth. so disappointing! maybe next time I'll try the sushi.

                    1. Im a huge Sapporo Haru fan, nicki the waitress is wonderful, Im not a big Kyoto fan, although it is cheaper. They have very good udon soups though, best in town.