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Feb 15, 2007 03:59 PM

Downtown Chinese Food Open for Lunch This Sunday (Chinese New Year)?

I will be in the vicinity of Dundas and Elizabeth Streets this Sunday for lunch and was wondering if Chowhounders could recommend a good place to go for lunch? Chinese would be preferable (how far is Swatow from this area) but I fear that a lot of the Chinese food restauraunts in this area may be closed this Sunday due to the Chinese New Year.

Can anybody help me out by recommending something that is definately open around noon hour? And, if you would be so kind, any recommendations from the menu would be greatly appreciated as well.


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  1. Chinese restaurant don't close on the Lunar New Year. It's actually the day that is most busy. If you're looking for a restaurant, go towards Spadina.

    1. Swatow is west about 10 minutes and north about 10 -- you're basically at Dundas & University and need to get to Spadina, halfway between Dundas & College. You're really really close to the downtown chinatown if you head west a little from where you'll be.

      My favourites for chinese in this are The Dumpling House and New Ho King (both on the Spadina strip between Dundas & College). Not everyone agrees with my preferences though, so dig around the past threads on the chinese restaurants in the area.

      1. If you're willing to spend the money, go to Lai Wah Heen
        Along with Dynasty, one of the only 2 Chinese Restaurants downtown that are of high quality.

        1. If you MUST stay at Dundas and Elizabeth and don't want to pay top dollar for Lai Wah Heen, there aren't many choices. There's E On Restaurant which has been there for eons (sorry) but I can't vouch for their food now, used to be passable a long time ago. Stay away from that basement restaurant on the North side of Dundas.

          As orangewasabi said, head West closer to Spadina and there will be a lot more choices. Note that "Chinese food" is a brand category. There is - dim sum (numerous small dishes); noodle/dumpling dishes; Northern Chinese which is usually heavier sauces with pork; Southern Chinese which is lighter sauces and more seafood etc. Different restos are usually good in one or two styles only. For lunch you may want to try dim sum, but it will be packed this Sunday which is Chinese New Year's Day.

          1. Thanks for your replies! Actually, I would have went to Yeuh Tung but they are closed this Sunday for the Chinese New Year!

            Teep, where is E On? I have tried to do a search on it both here and on google and have come up with nothing. Could you possibly shed a little light on E On as we will have to stick pretty close to the Elizabeth and Dundas Street area (simply because of time constraints).