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Feb 15, 2007 03:48 PM

Mardi Gras food - organic Hurricanes, donuts & king cakes

What Mardi Gras tips do you have to share?

One more year I've missed the Polish donuts at Delicatessi. I just remembered that they fly in paczi from Chicago on the Thursday before Ash Wednesday ... today ... sob.

The Portuguese bakeries on Alum Rock in San Jose will be making malasadas that day. In Hayward there is Hiser bakery making malasadas. In San Rafael, La Fayette is taking orders for king cakes for the last time. They close their doors in April.

Farmer Brown's has those hurricanes, jazz and a special menu.

Elite Cafe will have zydeco music and beads

Kingfish in San Mateo has a special menu and music. While they will have beignets & jambalaya, the wisdom of serving things like beef potstickers with sriracha aioli ... well, it makes me suspect someone over there started partying a little early. Here's the menu with in PDF format.

Town Hall will have a special party.

Anything else going on?

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  1. Andrew Jaeger's has happy hour all night Monday. Best New Orleans food I've had in a restaurant around here, but that's true every day.

    1. "One more year I've missed the Polish donuts at Delicatessi. I just remembered that they fly in paczi from Chicago on the Thursday before Ash Wednesday ... today ... sob."

      Hi rw, greetings from Chicago and happy tłusty czwartek (fat thursday). I'm surprised that your bakery there only has the pączki today. Here it's only the recent emigres from Poland that get their pączki on Thursday, Polish-Americans who've been here longer have shifted to Mardi Gras. Do you think it's worth checking with Delicatessi to see if there's another pączki flight scheduled? :-) Or are they real Polish-Polish?

      (I brought pączki to my office today: prune, apricot, custard, raspberry, cheese, and strawberries with whipped cream. Forgot my camera, unfortunately.)

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      1. re: Amata

        No. Last year when I missed Thursday, there was the promise of Tuesday. No such luck despite quite a bit of stalking of the place on that day.

      2. I'm interested in the farmer brown party but confused by the write up. There is a 20-25 dollar charge. What does this include the drinks? the meal?? or just a cover for the live music? 20 bucks for dinner would be crazy good, but would be an awful high cover charge for a restaurant.

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        1. re: sfeater

          Hope you'll give them a call at 415-409-3276 and report back.

          They are having a three-course menu, but don't know if $20 would cover that. Some of the menu items are poor boys, gumbo (regular or vegetarian) and chocolate beignets. That would be a deal if the price included food ... of course the hurricanes might be $50 each.

            1. re: Robert Lauriston

              Oh ... I thought there was a comma between the tempeh and the poor boy ... well, what do you want for $20. There's always gumbo and beignets ... a couple of hurricanes and who cares what's in the sandwich ... maybe they are small plate mini poor boys.

              Hope someone who goes will report back.

            2. re: rworange

              I just did just that -- the $20 (in advance, it's $25 at the door) covers the three course meal. Drinks are extra, but the person on the phone said that they're at a "discounted" price.

          1. Cajun Pacific out in the Sunset (46th and Irving) is having Mardi Gras dinners.

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            1. re: Sebby

              The info on Cajun Pacific and other Mardi Gras stuff:

              Cajun Pacific will be open Friday & Tuesday (Fat Tuesday)
              Celebrate Carnivale days and Fat Tuesday with Cajun Pacific this year. We are open February 16th and Fat Tuesday, the 20th
              (closed Saturday for private catering)
              hours: Friday 6-10pm, Tuesday 4:30-10pm

              The menu will include . . .
              >> starters, salad & gumbo
              chicken & andouille sausage gumbo, mixed green organic salad with house lime Tabasco vinaigrette, grilled vegetable & goat cheese Napolean, crawfish beignets, savory crab & crawfish cheesecake, duck wontons, oysters Kathryn
              >> entr ées
              eggplant creole (vegetarian), fried shrimp po-boy and gumbo combo, New Orleans barbecue shrimp, crawfish Monica, andouille sausage & chicken jambalaya, rib-eye au poivre, blackened Ahi with ginger lemongrass beurre blanc
              >> dessert
              bread pudding with whiskey sauce

              Celebrate Mardis Gras in the Bay Area:
              Wine Tasting with Food from Cajun Pacific at Giradelli Square
              Sunday, February 18th, noon-5pm Cajun Pacific will cater a tasting and wine release party hosted by Wattle Creek Winery at Giradelli Square. Celebrate Carnivale with the release of the vineyard's 2005 Pinot Noir and 2004 Petit Sirah.
              900 North Point Street.

              Mardis Gras Party & Music
              Tuesday, February 20th Sunset Promotions brings the rhythm and spirit of the bayou to San Francisco for their 10th annual Mardi Gras Party. This year, Sunset recreates the feel of famed New Orleans drag Frenchmen Street with a 2-venue, all night, one-ticket celebration. North Beach’s Mojito and Royale will be transformed into a steamy French Quarter Tavern, complete with Mardi Gras beads, hurricanes, and the funky music of Brasil and New Orleans. $20 for bands to include Boca do Rio, Jazz Mafia, dj Motion Potion.
              Click here to go to site with additional details or call 415.971.4527.

              FYI: an article in the Chronicle on visiting New Orleans Mardis Gras and not feeling as if you've stepped into a "Girls Gone Wild" video . . .

            2. rworange...thanks for posting the info for King Cakes at La Fayette in San Rafael. I was going to post asking where to get a King Cafe in Marin when I saw your post. I just ordered one. Thanks again!