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Feb 15, 2007 03:43 PM

Fondue assistance

Anybody can tell me where I can find beef for Chinese Fondue anywhere in Toronto?

I'm dying here!
Thanks much

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  1. What is different about this beef you are looking for? I've seen some thinly sliced beef (frozen) at Trinity Supermarket, 591 Gerrard St E.

    1. Never found it here...... we buy eerything and do it ourselves -- you can get the butcher to do the steak in paper thin slices if you order in advance. They freeze a piece of meat and then slice it as they would deli.......... Works ok... IT's funny b/c in Quebec, every little grocery store has the sauces, the bouillon and the meat, pre-sliced and frozen, just for this. It's just never made it here............... I wish someone would open a place in or near TO.

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        Most Chinese markets with butcher counters sell frozen lamb, beef, pork skiced thin for hot pot.Beef with cheese fondue???

        1. re: Kagemusha

          No - Chinese Fondue is based on a bouillon/broth rather than cheese.

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            Sorry, Kgirl.Late nite+insufficient caffeine made Chinese look like cheese--apologies! Suprised I got the coffee maker working this a.m.

      2. t and t supermarket. they have a hot pot (or as you call it chinese fondue) section where everything is sliced and cut thinly. saves a lot of time. the t and t i know has it is the one at warden and steels

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        1. I am almost positive I saw it at PAT Korean supermarket. Here is the address and phone.

          Address: 675 Bloor St. W., Toronto
          Phone: (416) 532-2961

          1. Just about every Chinese grocery store around Hwy 7 sell them (frozen), e.g. the one on Bayview north of Hwy 7, the one in the same strip mall as Saigon Star. You have to look for them in the freezer section rather than the butcher counter. There are different types of beef, as well as pork, chicken, and lamb.