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Feb 15, 2007 03:41 PM


When looking for a restaurant to celebrate Valentine's Day, I called around and settled on TEMPO, mainly because of the Menu. We have been there many times before, and always enjoyed the experience.

It was a thoroughly dreadful night, and we figured the only safe way to get there was by Subway. We finally trekked through the ice, snow, and wind, and arrived at TEMPO, where the party was in full swing.They were fullly booked and veryone showed up!

We were shown to our table in the larger back room. Tables beautifully set with crisp white tablecothes, and thankfully, tables are very spread out, not crowded together.

Delicious Kir Royale aperitifs served with their crusty bread and a dish of their fragrant, fruity, green EVOO. The little dish of sea salt is a nice touch. The special Menu and the Wine List looked wonderful. When there are three or four things you could absolutely have, the choosing gets serious.

After much hesitation among the many wonderful choices, Black Truffle Risotto, Buratta Cheese, Porcini Tarte Tatin, and more, I chose the Porcini Tart, my DH chose the Buratta. Both were excellent. The tart was rich, unctious, and very satisfying. The highly perfumed fresh Porcini with an aged Balsamic vinegar were excellent. The Buratta was warm and flowing, served with a fresh tomato and olive salad on crostini.

The main dishes were superb. I chose the Lobster and my DH chose the Braised Pork Belly. The Lobster was a nice sized portion of half a large lobster served with tiny potatoes,roasted garlic cloves, leek and asparagus, in a light butter sauce. The sauce was assertive enough, but basically allowed the fresh sweetness of the Lobster to shine through. The Braised Pork was sweet and very rich. It was a beautiful sight to behold, mahogony glazed and shining, set off on a bed of sauteed Cabbage and Green Lentils.

The Desserts were excellent. The Pear and Caramel Streusel Tart was warm, beautifully caramelized, and served with a nice scoop of Cinnamon Ice Cream. The Terrine of Three Chocolates was wonderful, served with a Sour Cherry Coulis. Petit Four and Truffles were served with Coffee.

A beautiful dinner on a frightful night. We couldn't find a cab for the ride home, so we walked back to the Subway in the snow . Although we had to wait a long time for the Subway, we made it back home just fine.

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  1. Glad it went well and that the room was full. We reserved 2-3 weeks ago then called and cancelled out on Monday when we heard what the weather was going to be like. Had a great time instead doing the unusual... eating at home... but wondered how Tempo was faring. We love the food there, especially the buratta that's flown in from Italy fresh.

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      Glad you enjoyed your evening dining at home.

      We have always loved the food, ambiance, and service at TEMPO. Every dish we have had there has been excellent, from the Duck B'stilla to the Sticky Toffee Pudding.

    2. I'm so happy to hear this as we are having a dinner party for 11 people (a few from Manhattan who may never or rarely have stepped foot in Brooklyn let alone come for a wonderful dinner) next week. While I have eaten here in the past, I was impressed at how gracious the owner has been in helping us choose the menu and make other choices. and the sticky toffee pudding is on the menu!

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        We attended an anniversary party at TEMPO a few months back, and everything was perfect. They created a wonderful Menu, and everything was professional and wonderful.

        The service was excellent, professional and discreet.

        Please post back after your dinner party.

      2. Where is this place, and what are prices like? (I realize that they were probably higher on VDay, though.)

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          TEMPO is on 5th Avenue in Park Slope. The Prix Fixe for V Day was $65. Prices at other times are about the same as HENRY'S END and NOODLE PUDDING, about $40 per person without wine, tax or tip.

          It is a lovely restaurant that never disappoints.

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            Thanks. I'm in that hood sometimes, so I'm glad to know about good restaurants in the area.

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              The large room at Tempo is very different than most Brooklyn places. The age range is greater (comfortable for us 50-something folk, not to mention those that have us by 20 years, although there are plenty of young 'uns there) and its a spacious, more classy feel than most. The room reminds me more of Hearth. That being said, we tend to drop considerably more here than we do when we eat at al di la or most other places. Not that the price range isnt similar to Henry's End (I dont know Fleur... Noodle Pudding is way less for us), but it just makes us feel more like getting the mixed drinks at the bar, the better bottle of wine, the cheese for dessert. Well, you get the idea.

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                Isn't it great to be in a place with all ages? On Valentine's Day, there were two couples with their parents. A very nice ambiance.

                Definitely a restaurant for adults.

                The desire to linger and keep on eating is a good thing. It means a comfortable, unrushed experience, where the food is excellent.

                This is fine dining.

        2. Thanks so much for the post! We've been thinking of hosting a big party there one of these days and it's always good to hear real feedback. The consistency of the quality of food and service they provide amazes me!

          1. when i saw the subject line, i was worried it was going to be a report of a bad experience there. we've eaten there several times and i really like the food a lot. their steak for two is wonderful, with a slightly sweet-salty crispy exterior and whenever i'm craving steak, that's the steak it has to be. it can be a little pricey, but it's my fave place in the 'hood to celebrate a special occasion.

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              Went there with my family for the first time about a month ago, and wasn't too impressed. A sweet waitress tried to seat us when we arrived for our reservation, but went to check with the management first. For some reason, the owner decided to be very harsh and rude with her, basically in front of us; the next time i saw her it looked like she's been crying. there was no need for the harshness from the owner, and it kind of put me off for the rest of the night. And I thought the food was good, but trying a little too hard. May be my personal taste though, as I prefer simple Italian food. Tempo just seemed like it was trying too hard.

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                If you prefer simple Italian food, you might enjoy Al Di La, NOODLE PUDDING, or for a much less expensive classic neighborhood option, LA TRAVIATA.