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Feb 15, 2007 03:31 PM


I'm sure this has been asked before, but I've been away. Where the heck can a fella get a decent bagel in this burg? I have my complaints about this chain and that, but I want to see what you all say. Thanks.

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  1. Try Western Bagel -- they have 6 or 7 locations in the LA area, mostly on the west side, and San Fernando Valley .

    1. Recent bagel talk:

      I am in agreement with those believing that Brooklyn Bagel Bakery on Beverly near Alvarado (west of downtown) have the best bagels in LA (best I've had anywhere, in fact.) Somehow they seem light, airy and almost croissant-like.

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        Light and airy and almost croissant-like, is not a bagel.

        A classic perfect bagel has a very dense chewy exterior and with a soft interior.

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          Well whatever it is, it's delicious in my opinion.

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              That's funny, every time I've gone there I've had a too-dense-too-chewy ring that made my jaw hurt. I've never, ever had anything close to "light and airy" at BBB.... for control purposes I generally get a poppyseed or onion bagel. But really, after so many failed attempts, I've given up on them.

              BBB is the kind of place I really, really want to like but as a born and bred New Jersey boy, I know good bagels and the best I've found in LA (which are admittedly not anywhere near the quality you can get at 80% of the bakeries in the NY metro area) are at Western Bagel, and also Bagel Broker at Fairfax/Beverly. (I have not tried the place on National that keeps popping up on this board)

              Great bagels need no embellishment, and they don't need to be toasted. They should be a littly crispy and chewy on the outside and soft on the inside. Also, a great bagel is never so dry inside that you need a glass of water to wash it down. You can enjoyably knaw on one the way you can enjoyably eat a soft pretzel with no embellishment.

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        2. St. Urbain's Bagels on Beverly Dr. in BH
          Western Bagel

          1. I like Bagel Broker... to me the closest to a NYC bagel in LA.


            1. Bagel Factory on Sepulveda and National - see Bialy posting...

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                They also have a store on Robertson at Cadillac (this is south of Pico and north of Beverlywood). It's in a tired little strip mall that just has the Bagel Factory and a dry cleaner. They are hands down my favorites in LA though I have not tried BAgel Broker. They also have pretty good soups. Everything is kosher.