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Feb 15, 2007 03:10 PM


Hey all,
I am heading to Coatzacoalcos on the weekend. Any recommendations for some good chow? I have been in Mexico for 6 months so non-Mexican chow recommendations are fine. Ideally, it would be Thai, Indian or Lebanese...but perhaps I am dreaming...


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  1. You are dreaming. It is totally oilfield service, trucks, heavy industry, noise, more trucks. Why on earth are you going there? It is the Bayonne of Mexico. No asian or eastern mediterannean in their right mind would camp out there and open a restaurant. Find some Campeche shrimp, if you can, and move on.

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    1. re: Veggo

      Amen to that, go there only if you must and get out of town as fast as possible. Bayonne (we're talking New Jersey here) is right.

    2. Actually, I am pretty sure that I live in the Bayonne of Mexico (Salina Cruz). Oil refinery, big trucks, dirty hot and dusty. The only "ethnic" food in my neck of the woods is the one Italian pizza place. I am seriously lacking in good chow here. Given what I already know about Coatzacoalcos, I was pretty sure that good food would be a dream. Thanks anyway. Oh and yes, I am going there for a specific purpose, I will be in on Saturday and out on Sunday.

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        You must come visit me in Guadalajara. At least here we get actual food.

        Does your pizza place serve the pizza with catsup?

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          I just had an e-mail from Bayonne. Oh, oh, I thought, I'm wearing a bullseye on my back for Bayonne-bashing, and I included my e-mail address in my CH profile so they can find me. But all's well. They loved our descriptions of Coatzacoalcos and inquired about honeymoon suites. The acrid air in Bayonne has not spoiled their humor! Do we dare begin a post inquiring about fine dining in Bayonne? I'm bowing out before I end up in the Meadowlands.

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            of course they serve the pizza with catsup, and salsa and jalapeƱos...what a great way to ruin a perfectly good pizza......

            Cristina...I might have to take you up on your offer sometime, I swear I am in a chow desert some days!

            BTW, I just got back and we stayed at the hotel TerraNova (Coatza's only 5* hotel) we ate in the hotel restaurant, Los Lirios. The chow there was pretty good, I had a really yummy spinach, goat cheese and heart of palm salad and crab ravioli. It wasn't the best food in the world, but it was better than I was expecting....They gave me an English menu where the translation left something to be desired. One beef dish had a description of: "like a ride horse (with mounted egg) optional). Huh???