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Feb 15, 2007 02:54 PM

Good food cheaply for London trip

After perusing these boards and Time Out, here is what I've come up with for my food itinerary. I'm staying in Kensington for a week and am looking for yummy affordable eats.

Bombay Brasserie- Indian
Mandarin Kitchen- seafood
Mike's Cafe- breakfast
Neal's Yard- cheese
Books for Cooks- cheap test kitchen meals
Mandalay- Burmese
Dragon Castle- dim sum
Wolseley tea
Randa- Lebanese
Galvin Brothers- British
Mala- Indian
Borough Market- tapas brindisa
Le Boudin Blanc- French

Any suggestions or better food for the buck?

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  1. well, where are you from? the reason i ask is that i wouldn't suggest anything remotely east asian to anyone from la, san fran, nyc etc.

    i'd skip the wolseley tea and head to the tea room in notting hill instead. i'd certainly go to the brasserie, randa and neals yard. and dont miss mohsen on warwick road. instead of the fairly pedestrian mela, i'd try quilon for a very good value keralan lunch.

    1. I used to really like Boudin Blanc, but found it had gone way downhill last time I was there. The smoked salmon was dry and crusty around the edges, the service was forgetful at best.

      I will say, that across the road is my favorite all time combination restaurant (although I have never eaten there) .... POLISH MEXICAN?????

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        Unfortunately the Polish Mexican is no more. I always wanted to try it too...

      2. I was in London this past Sept-Oct and loved it. BUT the exchange rate (as you know) virtually doubles the price of everything. Having said that we noticed that in many pubs that beer and wine (good wine!) could be had for around 3-4 GBP. Similarly the entrees at pubs were around 12-15 GBP.
        One other option near Kensington is a restaurant named Foliage. It's located in a hotel (name escapes me) and offered a lunch special with unlimited wine. Typical ultra-hip London design in the bar area. You save a bunch (if you like wine like I do).


        1. Actually I'm from New York by way of SF and LA---there's no good dim sum to be had in London?

          Thanks for the advice so far!

          1. I think you'll enjoy the Bombay Brasserie. I find 'Indian' food to be much better here in London than it ever tasted in NYC. I'd probably have tea somewhere else. Sotheby's (yes, the auction house) has a lovely room and it's an unusual setting - something different. Dim Sum at New World in Chinatown isn't all that bad and probably almost in the same league as Golden Unicorn in NY - I always enjoyed that place.