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Feb 15, 2007 02:51 PM

Thai Boom - examplar of a Chowhound find

to all who have been urging me/others to try Thai Boom on Venice in Culver City, I must say a hearty, "THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU."

Hole in the wall vibe, a location that would not inspire much hope and a door hanger menu that is too close to the standard awful glop Westside Thai place - and yet, Thai Boom is not Westside Thai, unless that means the Westside of Hat Yai or Bangkok.

Finally, a place near enough to my place that is worth my time and reminds me of the food I miss from my days in BKK.

They have also been very nice and delivered for free to my place near Olympic/Sawtelle.

Last night we had green curry with fried tofu, squid with ginger and mushrooms, shrimp/crab with glass noodles in clay pot (well, no clay pot for delivery), shrimp with cashews and spicy fried rice. Since I used the English translations of the dish names, that list sounds tame and lame. Don't fret - this is good stuff. A friend of ours from Thailand was over last night and she was heading to Thailand today - and for some perverse reason we subjected her to Westside Thai - and she judged the food excellent.

Also, we had a lot of food and I estimate the cost to have been about 60% of what the same amount of food from Chan Dara would cost (and the food was better by far).

This was my 4th meal at/from Thai Boom in a few weeks and I have only had one disappointment: look chim bpla (fish balls). Just not very tasty, especially compared to a great batch we picked up at LAX-C recently (and LAX-C is another great place I found through Chowhound).

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  1. be sure to try the pla prik pao and the mango salad.
    for your vegetarian friends, they will be happy to modify almost anything on the menu to be vegetarian.
    it is rare to get food this good, attitude this wonderful, and prices this low in a convenient, clean, restaurant.
    my nephew lived in thailand for several months this past year, and he gave a favorable review to thai boom.
    i LOVE them.

    1. I second ISG (and third westsidegal?) Also learned about Thai Boom via this site, and I have had some great take-out from there. I am also partial to their eggplant with tofu dish, and something called (I think, don't have the menu with me) Royal Rice, served with a lovely Thai sausage.

      1. Sounds great and what a delivery range! Thanks for sharing your review. We will have to give it a try.