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Feb 15, 2007 02:50 PM

Westlake/Firefly is Way Too Far

I'm visitng Westlake this Saturday night from SF. If I was staying elsewhere in the Valley, I'd dine at Firefly, for the combination of food and "happening" atmosphere, or Max, for the food.

This Saturday we don't want to drive that far. I realize the selections in Westlake are extremely limited. Thinking about Bamboom. Is it a decent mix fo food/atmosphere, or is it all about the cocktails? I like eating in a lounge, but don't to be eating in the middle of a dance floor. Thoughts? Is there any age-diversity or is everyone 20-something?

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  1. In Westlake Village, there is a good mix at P6, and it attracts a trendy crowd, not necessarily a young crowd. The food is descent, though not other worldly. Its sister restaurant, Chapter 8, is more cocktail oriented, though the food isn't bad there either. The food at Padri's is good, but it's completely separate from the martini lounge.

    I'm more of a laid back kind of guy, so I like hanging out at Crown and Anchor, though lately it's been getting more and more packed.

    1. Thanks. I was skeptical of the food quality based on the P6 description on OpenTable, "P6 Restaurant & Lounge enjoys it's status as one of the highest volume establishments between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara"

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        Well, any popular place in the Conejo Valley could make that claim. TO and Westlake are sleepy bedroom towns, although the scene is slowly changing now that I moved out about a year ago.

      2. The food at P6 is quite good, at least for lunch. I was underwhelmed with the one dinner I had there, but if you want a "scene" it's probably your best bet. You could also try Chapter 8 in Agoura Hills, a steakhouse from the same owners of P6 that's equally swank.

        1. And soon to arrive from the same ownership group is Suki 7

          1. You gotta check out Bamboom. It looks kinda like a restaurant in Manhattan was snatched away and transplanted into Agoura Hills. Very modern decor (in the middle of a a rustic shopping center) with really tasty Califonia-style food. Very creative sushi and the filet is to die for!

            Cluby and busy on weekends after dining hours as the drinkers file in. Not sure on the times but I do know that the suhibar is open after midnight on weekends. Staff is great and accomodating and the friendly owners are usually overseeing the flow.

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              Ended up at Bamboom and enjoyed it. Had a reservation for a table, but ended up eating at the bar, since the owner was so friendly.

              In contrast, we tried to get a drink at Moz Buddha Bar the following night. It was 10:15, the place had 20 people in the bar, and they told us, "Sorry, we're closed." They literally locked the door behind us when we left. In San Francisco, if it's before 1:30, if you have more than 20 people in your bar, you keep pouring drinks.