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Feb 15, 2007 02:44 PM

Best place for Indian in Seattle for Bday

I'm visiting Seattle for two short days and want to get the best Indian fix
before returning to the dire sitch in good Indian here at all.
I'm looking for authenticity, I'm pretty picky and won't go in for crappy
buffets or 'one pot' places (you know, one pot of catch-all gravy slightly
altered to fit all things on menu).

Thanks a million rupee!

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  1. Anita's Bistro
    8014 15th Ave. N.E.
    Seattle, WA 98115
    (206) 523-6988

    Primarily serves Indian.
    On a recent trip to Anita’s Bistro, the Lamb Vindaloo featured tender meat in a thick, pronounced sauce. Delicious. The naan was fluffy and crisp in all the right places. And complimentary papadums featured the rustic spice kick of whole cumin seeds—a pleasant surprise. Between the variety of appetizers; naans; and lamb, chicken, seafood, or clay-oven specialties, you'll find a favorite comforting dish for sure. Anita’s Tandoori Chicken would have benefited from a leaner bird. But with service so impeccable, it’s hard to squawk.

    1. My favorite Indian in Seattle is Cedars it's almost always crowded, but you can sip chai as you wait.

      1. is recommended to me over and over by my Indian coworkers who like something BESIDES your typical chicken tikka masala and daal.

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        1. re: chownerd

          Your link connects to a national website, of which the Bellevue restaurant is a franchise member. Very uninviting location...I hope the food is better than the strip mall setting

            1. re: lake girl

              Crossroads mall gets points from me for the job they've done keeping food to a high standard, despite the "strip mall" disadvantage. Years ago, when the error of their location started to become clear, they did a lot of thinking about how to connect it better to the community and one of the decisions was to seek quality, non-chain, food.

          1. If you are willing to go to Renton, Naan N' Curry is very good and a colorful place.

            1. Taste of India on Roosevelt is pretty decent, so is Bombay Grill which is also on Roosevelt. Haven't had extraordinary Indian food in Seattle yet unfortunately. Would love to see what others reccomend.

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                Also on Roosevelt, just north of 65th, is Bengal Tiger. I like Taste of India just fine for the generic Indian thing, but, though my discrimination in Indian food doesn't go much beyond "yum, good garlic nan...", I find Bengal Tiger more satisfying in ambiance, service, and food.