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Feb 15, 2007 02:36 PM

Needed - Kosher restaurant near Fort Lauderdale airport

A friend's coming in from out of town next month and she keeps strict kosher. She wants to meet for a meal and we won't have time to travel far, so we need a kosher restaurant fairly close to the Fort Lauderdale airport... any suggestions? (We're not Jewish but it wouldn't feel fair to follow her alternative suggestion and for her to sit there with a can of soda watching us eat non-kosher food!)

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  1. There is a kosher sushi place about 15 minutes away on Hallandale beach Blvd called Tani guchi

    Sage Deli is down the block

    There is also a fairly new place in West Hollywood called Joel's Steakhouse

    Levi's Kosher is in West Hollywood as well on Sheriden St

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      I'm not sure why Sage Deli is considered "kosher," being that they serve both meat and dairy. (Nothing on their Web site seems to indicate they are kosher either, except they say "no cheese served with meat orders." But somehow I doubt they have 2 kitchens.) Without devolving too deep into the "how kosher is kosher" debate so frowned upon on CH, if your friend can't eat at a regular restaurant, Sage Deli appears to be out.

      However, the article about Taniguchi says they employ a masgiach and they are glatt kosher, so that might be a better option. Of course, you should check with your friend and ask her exactly what her requirements are, as "strict" kosher has infinite interpretations.

    2. She's Orthodox and I KNOW that when she says kosher she doesn't leave any room for interpretation (she likes to go to conventions, but she won't do anything on the day of rest except sit in a chair and talk to anyone who wanders past...) So not getting into details that don't belong here, I really need a two-kitchen or meat/dairy-only Jewish restaurant... does anyone know if there are any in Fort Lauderdale? I'm happy to eat anywhere, but I need a place where she'll feel comfortable and able to enjoy her meal too...

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        Thanks for the clarification. Then it seems, from the linked article, like the kosher sushi/thai restaurant Sobe mentioned might fit your bill. I'm sure there are more, but I don't live in FLL so I can't be more help. :-(

      2. In the Aventura area there are multiple choices for Kosher restaurants. Bissaleh on Collins Ave. around 175th St. has Yemenite dairy cuisine that is very good. Friendly service. We like their Israeli appetizer platter with a delicious bread called lafa. Very interesting menu. In the Waterways shopping center on 207th St. east of Biscayne Blvd., there are Kosher Chinese, pizza, dairy, and steak restaurants. There is also a large Kosher supermarket called Sara's Tent. In Loehman's plaza at Biscayne and 187th St is another favorite, Pita Plus. Excellent falafel and schwarma. These are all strictly Kosher. Hope this helps and enjoy.

        1. There is a new place on Hollywood Blvd in Downtown Hollywood called Miam Miam. It;s French Kosher. It should be noted that I have not tried it. Just relaying the info. Their menu is posted on the site

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            That sounds intriguing... the site says 'opening in July' - but the date on the bottom is December 2005. Is this restaurant actually open?

          2. You may also want to try posting on the Chow kosher board as well.