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Marcella's Braised Carrots: with parsnips?

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Hey hounds
I want to try this recipe after all the praise...
but I'm doing this all-local dinner party menu and with the slim pickings here in VT in Feb I would like to use some local parsnips in this recipe along with the carrots. What do you think? I usually test out all recipes before putting them on a dinner party menu, but feel comfortable just plowing ahead if you'll just give me your blessings.


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  1. I haven't made that specific recipe, but comparing parsnips to carrots, the parsnips cook more quickly and don't hold their shape as well as carrots. So, you may need to adjust the cooking time, cut the carrots smaller, or add parsnips later. Sounds delicious.

    1. I think that braised parsnips would be wonderful! Definately...just adjust cooking times or sizes as advised above. Good luck!

      1. So I should add the parsnips after cooking the carrots a bit?
        I'd like to have parsnips AND carrots.
        anyone who has make this recipe have any advice?

        1. Can someone who has the braised carrots recipe post it?

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          1. When I have parsnips and carrots, I like to roast them together. Cut into strips, toss w/ olive oil, S&P and roast at high heat on large baking pan. Brings out the sweetness in both.

            1. I want to also include a link to this version done in the oven. I've done it this way about 4 times and it is great (and easier). I do sometimes add parsnips, and if I want them to hold together I add them about 1/2 hour into the cooking time. Most of the time I don't care, and the falling-apart parsnips are still delish so I just chuck them all in at the same time.

              Don't tell, but this weekend I made these for an impromptu easterish dinner. There was no good parm cheese in the house so I used the kind in the green can when nobody was looking. Everyone still loved 'em!

              oops! forgot the link!
              it is:

              1. i have parsnips and was thinking of this recipe. i missed this thread the first time around, and i'm delighted it was resurrected. you read my mind! so timely!

                based on all of your recommendations, it seems that the parsnips should go in about a 1/2 hour after the carrots do. great. i'm looking forward to tomorrow's luscious buttery sweet veggies. thanks.