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Feb 15, 2007 02:27 PM

Restaurant Week Lunch at Megu

We went for the special promotion lunch at Megu during Restaurant week and were blown away. The restaurant itself is a delight to look at, with one of the most dramatic dining rooms in the city. And the food is outstanding too. The miso soup was the best we’ve ever had, filled with interesting textures (including an herb swaddled in a Japanese starch—junsei?). I had the sushi while my partner opted for the kobe beef hamburger. The latter was small but very satisfying; the sushi was primo and quite the generous serving. The dessert was a cake made of crepe layers interspersed with a green tea flavored cream. One of us liked it, one didn’t, but it sure was inventive.

Overall, we came away feeling like we had had a great treat, and that we’d go back, either to another promotion lunch, or another time when we’re feeling like celebrating and have some money to burn. Incidentally we had no trouble making reservations using

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    1. Don't believe it. This place is a theme restaurant in disguise.

      The food's mediocre, the atmosphere hyped, the service awkward, and the prices a complete rip. Go only if you you're the type to feel good blowing $15 on a bottle of Sapporo, or like the extravagance of ice sculptures. This is not a place for food-lovers.

      1. Hallelujah, someone else who finally sees beyond the scene and the reputation preceding this place and recognises the food for what it is - very good and in some cases superlative. I have been 6 times (and counting, am taking a visiting UK friend to Megu Downtown for lunch tomorrow) and have been highly impressed with most of what I have eaten there both from the sushi and the cooked menu.

        I agree with yumyumyogi that it is amongst the vilest scenes imaginable and prices are undoubtedly on the high side (although not universally and prices have come down since they opened and they now offer a $60 five course prix fixe which is not bad value for the quality of food on offer). I would be interested to hear what particular items yumyumyogi and others have found not to their liking and which other Japanese restaurants people prefer to frequent for sushi/cooked combo because in my experience Megu is up there with the best of them in terms of its cuisine. Personally I didn't think much of the foie gras/beef croquettes, the salmon tartare in ikura sauce, the broccoli or mozzarella tempura but everything else including the tuna ravioli, the new style sashimis, the skewered beef pieces, the omakase sushi, the diamond tuna roll, the kobe beef hamburger, the edamame cappucino style soup, the miso soup with madai have been exceptional.

        I would urge people to look beyond the scene and hype and focus on the food.