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Feb 15, 2007 02:20 PM

Client Lunch Sunnyvale Area


Looking for recommendations for a client lunch place in the Sunnyvale area. Max amount to be spent per head is $30 total (including tax/tip). 5-6 individuals going but it needs to be in Sunnyvale - prefer no buffet setting in the restaurant, even though we will be having a sit down meal. Indian food, which is prevalent in the South Bay, is ok, but want to try something else other than that.


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  1. Presuming that you want to be in downtown Sunnyvale:
    Il Postale - nice Italian on Evelyn
    Dish Dash - mediterranean on Murphy
    Ocean Harbor - chinese on Murphy
    Thai Basil - upscaleish Thai on Murphy and also in the Town & Country shopping center

    You'll get tablecloths and reasonable service at all. The food is good. I think all would fit in under your price range. You should check on-line for prices, though.