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Feb 15, 2007 02:17 PM

On Tuesday's, Hoppe's is closed... so what do we do in Cayucos?

We're staying in Cayucos Tuesday night, only to find Hoppe's is closed. I've heard a few names (Black Cat, Robin's, Windows on the Water, Taco Temple) in the nearby area. Looking for a great dinner for two, fiance is pescatarian and I'm an omnivore. Which one should I go with? we only get one dinner in the area... not indian or japanese, but asian tinged is fine. Which one should we hit and why? Okay with going to Cambria, Morro Bay, maybe even SLO for a great meal. Our only dinner alone of the entire trip. Any preferences?

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  1. My vote would go to Windows on the Water in MB, hard to beat for the food or the view.

    1. I would agreed with PolarBear, Windows on the Water is as good as any in the nearby area.
      It is close and you will have a nice view and can be romantic.

      1. I recommended Hoppe's to you on another thread, not realizing you'd be there on a day when they were closed...bummer, that happened to us once, too. In that case I'd third Windows on the Water. It will probably be too dark for the view, but it's very nice, fits your romance and food preferences.