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Feb 15, 2007 02:05 PM

Walt Disney Concert Hall Cafe??

I seem to recall seeing a cafe at WDCH (outside the store, on the entry level where they take your tickets). Is there such a beast? and is there anything edible there?

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  1. We ended up there once after the wait at all the other restaurants around had too long a wait and we neglected to make reservations anywhere. The people we shared the table with told us that it is their favorite place to eat when they go and they always eat there. If we are talking about the same place, it is a serve yourself type of place that has high-priced premade sandwiches, salads, soup, snack items. They also have some hot food (I believe your choices were either turkey or prime rib dinners when we went). We just got some wine and shared a cesar salad and sandwich. I, for one, won't be going back.

    1. Great salad bar and a few hot items. It's part of the Patina grab n go empire. Food is pretty good.

      1. happen to be going to the Concert Hall tonight. . . wondering if anyone has any suggestions (other than the Patina Cafe in the Hall) of close-by restaurants that would be good for a quick bite? Or, anything from the Westside to downtown that would be easy to stop in for a quick bite on the way? Not too intrigued by the responses above for the Cafe. . .

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          If you have time to get from Westside to Disney Hall and eat enroute then there are many choices. I like cheap, tasty and quick for pre-concert meals so I think that something like getting off the 10 or taking Venice and going to Papa Christo's would work for me.

          I am going to the concert tonight, and since I am downtown it is easier for me to make choices, but my friend is coming from Long Beach so we eat at the WDCH cafe. It's fine, really. The 2 carver stations looked pretty good and I had a good soup the last time I was there a few months ago. Nothing to phone yer friends about, but it makes my friend's life easier and he's springing for the tickets.

        2. Went once during jury duty. Pricey, not great, a couple of steam table hot dishes, sandwiches, pre-made salads, sweets. Eh.

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            Ended up at the "Eh" spot -- my concert going pal got stuck at work and we had about 30 minutes pre concert. The WDCH cafe was fine (and much better than the couple times I went to Kendell's down the street). I thought it a bit better quality than the similar 'cafe' in the Music Center courtyard. We got a chicken wrap and a chicken ceasar salad. The wrap was a little on the soggy side... but the salad was actually quite good. Very crisp romaines, a decent portion of diced chicken, croutons, cheese and a tasty dressing. Each were $7.50, which I thought was fairly priced. Eating at the cafe DOES make things logistically easy, especially if running late on time as we were. Nothing to write home about, but you won't hear your stomach growling during the performance either....

            1. re: The Oracle

              yes I ate there, too. My trick is to get some of the 'weighed' salad bar items (olives, artichokes, roasted beets) and add them to a bought salad with salmon. One time I might try the carving area. It is sort of a gyp but that's Splichal's evil empire for you. Wish I had time to run elsewhere but it takes an excess of disposable time to dine AND attend dwtn. concerts in traffic-soaked LA. It's a whole different world than going to a concert in Columbus Circle.

          2. all these places are very close to china town--not 5 minutes away and plenty of parking.