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Feb 15, 2007 01:49 PM

Lunch at Wilson - Culver City

I met a friend for lunch at Wilson in Culver City today. First time there. Love the building it is housed in - MODAA. For lunch we started with the scallops and lobster appetizer. Grilled and served on a pamesan fondue sauce, it was a succulent choice. Pricey at $25 for two scallops and a little tail, but worth it for us. We both ordered the same salad for lunch - a chicken salad made with a harissa dressing. Just delicious, with the harissa giving the salad the right shade of heat. Good sized portion. For dessert we had the homemade eclair, which is a combination of milk and dark chocolate. Tasty custard filling. We had wine and coffees, as well. The bill came to $90 with tip $110. It is easy to get out of there for a lot less but we couldn't pass up that scallop appetizer. We sat on the patio. By the time we left, every table was filled. This is a good addition to the growing Culver City dining scene.

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