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Feb 15, 2007 01:32 PM

Mandarin Deli in Chinatown---adeui!

Went to Wing Hop Fung Saturday night to pick up some decorations for Lunar New Year. To my great dismay---I have jury duty in another week---our long time family favorite, Mandarin Deli, had bit the dust. The space was in the process of being ripped out so I guess they didn't leave yesterday but perhaps the end of January.

Boo hoo RATS said the elder pup.

Poor Kid! This is the third of his favorite restaurants he has lost in the last six months starting with the demise of Homestyle on Valley followed by the departure of Sam Woos from the 99 Ranch mall and now this.

Did anyone see this coming? Do you have a tale of the later days? My spouse tells me he felt Mandarin Deli was declining and that perhaps the kids just didn't want to be in the business. I have to say, the quality of the last scallion pancakes was lacking [too oily in a not good way and decidedly overcooked] though the fish dumplings remained delightful.

What is the designated successor? Sadly, I feel a shortage of good northern style chinese coming my way. We tried a place called "Mamas" on Garvey last night but it just wasn't up to the traditional Mandarin Deli standard nor was it nearly as nice as Homestyle [special house fried noodles interesting with rice noodles and mixture of veg but oily, zhajiangmien a bit spicy in a nice way, dumplings w/ thick wrapper but not enough salt in the filling so difficult to determine which flavor was which].

Not to mention, where the heck I'm going to eat for jury duty? Worse yet, I have a cold and am in dire need of soup. Some of my favorite sick soup came from Mandarin deli--the beef with spinach and slightly spicy broth and homemade noodles.


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  1. There is still a Mandarin Deli location in Northridge, Temple City, and the original off of Garvey/Atlantic in Monterey Park.

    Dumpling House in Rosemead on Rosemead Blvd/Las Tunas is equally good if not better in the beef noodle soup, scallion pancake and fish dumpling category. Potsticker are fried and not so good.

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      I personally prefer Dumpling House on Rosemead. Their deep-fried potstickers are good, but their steamed ones are better. Their fish dumplings are also very tasty. I think their noodle soups are better, too.

      Here is some information about these two restaurants and a couple of other ones that might interest you as well:

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      1. Well that sucks! Last there in May of 2006 and itseemed empty- 3 tables occupied and all by caucasians. Will eagerly keep ears open for a good alternative when shopping in C-Town. I agree the spicy hand cut noodle soup was really nice.

        1. Is everybody talking about the Mandarin Deli on Broadway in L. A.'s Chinatown? O NO!! We've been going there for years for their great vegetable won ton noodle soup and pan fried meat dumplings. First the Mandarin Deli on 2nd St. in Little Tokyo closed, and now the one on Broadway. Really? This is sad. We don't even know how to get to the SGV.

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            There was a time that I didn't know how to get to the SGV either. But J. Gold and later CH persuaded me to open up my Thomas Bros. Map and I so glad that I did. Then I bought a car with GPS, I just plug in the addresses and end up at great chow in new areas! My advice to all 'Westside centric' hounds is to expand your geographic horizions, you will find new and often great chow that does not exist on 'The Westside'!!!

            1. re: Barbara Ladden

              1. Take 10 East.
              2. Exit Rosemead Blvd. Offramps in this part of the SGV often split into two sub-offramps: south and north. Ignore the first one, which is south. Go to the second one, which is north (probably says "Pasadena").
              3. Go north a few miles.
              4. Make a right on Las Tunas.
              5. Go about six blocks. It will be to your left side on the corner of Primrose and Las Tunas.

              Here's some more info:
              Mandarin Deli
              9537 Las Tunas Dr., Temple City 626-309-4318

              1. re: raytamsgv

                I used to eat at the Montery Park location - the famous green & orange building ...
                After they remodeled the food started tasting different ... " similar but a liitle off "

                Friends told me that a Mandarin Deli opened in Temple City .. I had to try it out!!!

                To my surprise it was the original owners from Monterey Park - same cook too!!!

                The taste was the same that I fell in love with years ago ...

                My friends and I actually just had lunch there today ....
                I knew we were going to be in for a wait but it was totally worth it ...

                - Beef Stew noodle soup w/ homemade noodles
                - Noodle with Bean sauce
                - Pan Fried meat dumplings
                - Onion Pancake
                - Boiled meat dumplings
                - Tofu Salad

                Sorry to hear about Chinatown location closing .. I had my first fried dumpling there!
                The Temple City location is the best out of the remaining MD's!!!!

            2. I hate the term "potsticker." It seems so.... Enchirito to me.