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Feb 15, 2007 01:22 PM

Anyone ever go to El Bulli and El Raco de Can Fabes back to back nights?

Can you eat that much food?
I might not get back to the area. Have El Bulli on Thursday night and am wondering if I should hit El Raco de Can Fabes on Friday night.

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  1. Hi Jody,
    I feel very happy for you.
    How do you make reservation at El Bulli? It's the most difficult place to secure a seat.
    You are 1 of those lucky ones.

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    1. re: ace123

      I won the El Bulli "lottery" I guess. This year they took requests via email in mid-October. As October nears, you have to contact them to find out what day they will accept reservations. I submitted a request for ANY Thurs-Sun during their entire season. It took a over a month to hear back from them. I heard that they favor new diners vs. repeat patrons, so you'll get lucky next year!

    2. I don;t see why not. As I've said many times before, El Bulli is an amazing, overwhelming experience, but you certainly don;t walk out so stuffed you don;t want to eat for days. El Raco on the other hand... Just be prepared for a lot of driving or expensive cars & drivers (worth it I think so you can enjoy the wine...) And do try to get to El Bulli early.

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      1. re: torta basilica

        Why early? Just because it is a long experience? What is "early" at El Bulli?

        1. re: jody

          The view is beautiful & the trip always seems to take much longer than you anticipate. Get there about 1/2 hour before dark.

      2. I it a few years ago after my first Bulli trip.The food was excellent if relatively expensive and I found they service very poor.I have never returned to Can Fabes as a result of the service but go back to Bulli every year. If you are heading anywhere I strongly suggest Can Roca.