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Feb 15, 2007 01:04 PM

Vegetarian near Villanova

My partner, a vegetarian (lacto-ovo), recently got a position at Villanova. The dining options on campus are pretty woeful and I'm doubtful that he can survive all that much longer on grilled cheese sandwiches alone (good luck trying to get him to actually pack a lunch). Any thoughts as to where he could get to that would be veg-friendly on a lunch break?

Also, I'd be grateful for recommendations for those times when we trek up to the theater at Bryn Mawr on the weekends and are looking for a good spot for dinner. We've been once and there seem to be lots of options on Lancaster Ave as we travelled out to Exton to try Devi (against the advice of all CH'ers on this board, and boy did we regret it...)

Thanks in advance.

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  1. In Bryn Mawr-Mediterranian Grill has some options. As does the natural foods store. There's a refrigerator in the rear with food and they have really good cookies up front. They are kind of expensive, but good. The greek restaurant and Vietnamese also have items, and Sushiland has miso soup, cucumber rolls and other things.

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      MLT says: "In Bryn Mawr ... [edit] ... the natural foods store. There's a refrigerator in the rear with food and they have really good cookies up front. They are kind of expensive, but good."

      That place is on Lancaster Avenue just west of Bryn Mawr Avenue and the movie theatre and they're called Arrowroot (see link below). You'll pick it out immediately form the look and smell - very Old-Skool Hippie Health Food Store, and I mean that in a good way. The staff are super sweet, and although they're more geared to take-out, there are two little tables in the back where you are welcome to eat. Last time I was there, I shared some kind of curried squash soup and chili with my son. Both were mild, spice-wise, and both were either veggie or vegan (I'm an omni, so it made no diff to me) - and both were delish.

      They also have raw milk and fermented products like organic saurkraut and kombichu (sp?) in the fridge, so you can really get your healthy on. :) Sandwiches, falafel, peanut butter carob cookies, all that. They don't seem pricey to me, considering the food and location, but then I am used to the ridiculous Main Line COL.

    2. Hi spyturtle...I'm both an ovo-lacto vegetarian as well as a Villanova grad. I didn't eat on campus much, but I agree that when I ate there the selections were limited as the university center isn't very large nor does it boast a very big "eatery." Some places that I'd always go offcampus, (though keep in mind I was both a poor college service and generally very limited on time given I was frequently bouncing between school and work), were Peace of Pizza in Rosemont, Cosi in Bryn Mawr, or occasionally if I had a bit more time the Farmer's Market in Suburban Square. No, these places aren't necessarily fine eateries. But, I never had trouble finding something to eat, nor did I have trouble with the price and time involved. If your partner has more time and money there are plenty of other restaurants in that general area that could probably be accessed from campus within 15 minutes. Good luck!

      1. Thanks to you both for your replies -- inexpensive and quick is a good thing, especially for the lunchtime eats. Much appreciated -- I'll pass these along!