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Feb 15, 2007 12:57 PM


Can any one tell me the best place to buy fresh pasta in San Francisco? Like some small Italian deli or something?

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  1. I dream about the ricotta ravioli from Lucca (on Valencia - maybe also on Chestnut?). They are utterly simple and perfect, not at all trendy or fancy.

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    1. re: Junie D

      Pretty sure the two Lucca's aren't related

      1. re: sfeater

        Thanks for clarifying that. I've never been to the one on Chestnut (I think on Chestnut?) so wasn't sure.

        1. re: sfeater

          Not related. As different as the two neighborhoods.

      2. Are you interested in plain or filled pastas?

        1. Do any SF retailers carry Phoenix Pastificio?

          1. Yes, Lucca (22nd and Guerrero), although I prefer the cheese ravioli to the other kinds.

            Pasta Gina up on Diamond next door to Bacco makes various flavored pastas to order, in whatever shape you like. Especially good if you only need 2 servings at a time.

            I've seen Phoenix in the city but can't remember where.

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              The turkey ravioli at Lucca is also worth the trip. Beef, ehh, I never buy them. I think they only make the turkey for major holidays like Christmas, Easter. One Christmas Eve I waited in line for over an hour - with an antsy toddler no less - to buy them. That night my niece (5 at the time) said, "I wish every day was Christmas and I wish every day we had ravioli." Ahhh...

              1. re: Junie D

                The holiday's ravioli's are Lucca are special; when they are not available the regular are guite good as is the fresh linguini.

                The two Lucca's are not related and the people on Chestnut St. are quite rude if you ask them about it.

                Lucca Ravioli
                1100 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA 94110

            2. I like both Luccas (which are not related). We shop at the Valencia one (Lucca Ravioli) all the time as we live near-by.

              It has various fresh pastas that are all made, I believe, in-house. Prices are good too.

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              1. re: Calvinist

                At the right time of day you can see them making the pasta in the back room through the windows on the sidewalk.