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Feb 15, 2007 12:51 PM

Pancake Tricks?

Total cooking novice looking to make pancakes for GF. Will buy any mix (or even the bottles of pre-mixed batter).

But what about cooking them? What's the dancing water drop trick? Do I let the batter sit (in fridge? on counter?)? What are the tricks?

(I assume the first pancake will be used to test the heat of the griddle...)

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  1. I use the "fluffy pancakes" recipe from I substitute brown sugar for the white, use buttermilk instead of regular and add a couple of shakes of cinnamon and ground ginger. I let the batter sit in the fridge to the buttermilk and the baking powder have time to react (about an hour or so) and then I use a double griddle from Pampered Chef sprayed with a little pam. 1/4cup at a time, flip when the edges are dry and slather with real butter and legit maple.

    1. One trick is to not use a mix. The ingredients for a pancake are pretty simple. You probably either have the ingredients on hand or should have them in your pantry anyway.

      Also, don't overmix the batter: it will turn out tough. Mix it until it just comes together. There will be lumps...but that's OK.

      1. My mom can make good pancakes from a mix, my grandpa can make good pancakes from a mix, I cannot. However, the other night I made the most perfect pancakes, if I do say so myself, using this recipe: You will not fail with this recipe! Also, I let my batter sit for about 15 minutes, purely by coincidence, but then I read in King Arthur Flour's magazine that you should let it sit for 15 minutes for a fluffier pancake!

        1. Pancakes are pretty easy to make from scratch. I learned using a Better Homes and Garden cookbook recipe, but now I pretty much throw it together, adding in whatever spices, nuts, fruits, chocolates, etc that I'm up for that day (ooh...try banana and dark chocolate pancakes...YUM). The basic recipe Katie Nell posted would also be a great starting point.

          As others have noted, barely mix the batter...needs to be lumpy. Also, let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes before making the pancakes. Do try to make buttermilk pancakes. And, if you are like me, then you have it right about the first pancake. Mine is always a bust.

          When I'm making pancakes for a crowd, I put my serving tray in the oven at 200 and put early batches in there while I cook up the rest of the batter.

          1. I happen to like Bisquick pancakes. Big thick and fluffy. That's what I grew up on and I don't enjoy any other mixes. I've had restaurant pancakes and I still think Bisquick hits the spot! I'm not much into putting stuff in the batter, however, chopped pecans make a great addition.

            I use a cast iron griddle at about 300 degrees.