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Feb 15, 2007 12:44 PM

Shabbat lunch fish

I'm cooking Shabbat lunch for 6 next weekend and I'd like to include fish. Basically, I need a fish recipe I can make on Friday afternoon and serve on Saturday around 1. I'm thinking poached salmon with a yogurt/mustard/dill sauce. Has anyone had experience with this? What did you poach the salmon in? Did you serve it cold or room temp? Was it good or did it get fishy-tasting?

many thanks!


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  1. You cantry doing a home cure on the salmon, somthing like grav lox or pastromi salmon. It may not be a eliquent as the poached salmon but you do not have to worry about it becoming fishy-tasting. I intrested I have receipies.

    1. I have two favourite preparations for when I'm planning to serve cold salmon. One is to hot-smoke it. The other is to make "pickled salmon" which is essentially creating a sweet-and-sour pickling liquid in which to poach the salmon. Once the salmon is almost cooked, it is placed on a bed of sliced onions, and the poaching liquid is strained and poured over the top. This is best made a day before serving, and gets better and better each subsequent day. If you've ever bought marinated herring and eaten every piece of onion before the jar of herring was finished, you'll love this dish and the marinated onions in it, too.

      This is a dish that my bubby used to make, and it's one of those that I've managed to duplicate.

      1. A really easy way to tackle a large salmon fillet is to slow roast it and then serve it cold with a sauce like what you described. Butter a large baking pan well. Place the fillet on it, salt and pepper, then brush liberally with melted butter. Bake at 250 (yes, that's 250 farenheit) for 25 to 30 minutes. Yes, it will be done. Nice and moist too. I'll never bother poaching again.

        1. Hot-roasted salmon is great the day after. Far prefer it to poached. Some olive oil and salt, a 500 degree oven until just done. Goes beautifully with salad with feta and olives, cold asparagus, pita or crusty bread, Also can go with bagels and cream cheese, if you want to go that route.