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Halibut Fillets

I just bought some Halibut Fillets ($17.99 lb OUCH !). I was thinking of simply roasting them with a little truffle infused oil and sea salt / pepper served with a roasted butternut risotto. Any other preparations for these fillets that you hounds have tried and foulnd to be excellent ? Thanks in advance !

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  1. I have made a creamy white wine and dijon mustard sauce with garlicky baby red potatoes that's pretty good, Serve the fish on fresh spinach cooked in lemon then top with the sauce...

    1. a pan sauce of leeks & cream goes well w halibut...

      1. If you enjoy Asian flavors, you might consider this one...I used to make it back when I could afford the darned halibut (!!!)...but it's very good...Halibut with Sambal Oelek Vinaigrette and Wasabi Cream:


        1. I'm wondering why so expensive? This time of year they are from the Atlantic as the Alaskan season is over; Atlantic should be less expensive.

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            Well, a couple reasons, I guess. The first is being in Vermont, almost all seafood is expensice (except PEI mussels @ $1.79 / lb). The other is that I bought it a smaller market that specializes in organic type items. You know, the type of place where you shop with a basket instead of a cart and the aroma of patchouli oil (spelling ??) fills the air. Great stuff but only for those items you can't find elsewhere.

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              Thanks, I didn't know that about Vermont and seafood prices. I think this is kind of a sad time of year in general for fish prices. I'm looking forward to spring and reasonably-priced Alaskan halibut and a good selection of Florida grouper. We're lucky in Cleveland to have a couple of great fresh fish sources. I hope you enjoyed your halibut and got the patchouli smell out of your clothes ;)

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                Yeah, it was excellent. I roasted it at 425 for about 20 minutes and then finished it under the broiler to give it some texture (the pieces were about 12 ounces each). What a great fish !

          2. This past weekend, I got fresh halibut, just salt and pepper, olive oil and mango salad on the side - I just baked the halibut for 15 min on 425F. It was mouth wateringly simple and good.

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              Kind of thoughts, keep it as simple as possible to enjoy the halibut. Thanks !

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                Yes, it was one of those, "wow, I forgot how delicious halibut is on it's own" moments :) Although, I don't think the truffle oil would hurt it either.

            2. your truffle oil& butternut squash risotto sounds like a great idea. i like grilled or sauteed halibut with a sauce made of cherry or grape tomatoes, cooked with a little garlic and white wine until they burst, and maybe some olives and lemon as well. it's also good spread with a layer of chopped herbs (parsley, basil, etc.) mixed with lemon zest and garlic and a little mayonnaise actually, then broiled.
              'kitchen of light' by andreas viestad (a cookbook about modern scandinavian food) has a lot of halibut recipes.

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                sorry i meant plain yogurt, not mayonnaise (though that would probably work as well)

              2. Halibut is chicken of the sea here - we eat it a couple times a week, alternating with salmon so I've got a million ways to prep it. Some of my favorite besides simple grilling are:
                adding a lemon caper sauce to grilled or broiled fish
                making caddy ganty which is marinating in wine for a short time, lightly coating with bread crumbs then topping with a mix of mayo/sour cream/green onions and baking
                stir fry with peppers, onions and tomatoes then add wine at the end
                baking or grilling in foil with any kind of oriental sauce
                stuffing with crab or shrimp and baking with a light coat of any sauce


                1. I like to top halibut with the following: I halve (or quarter if they are big) brussel sprouts and roast them until the edges are caramelized, then towards the end of the roasting - about 5 minutes or so before they will be done - I add some chopped kalamata olives and tomato to the pan and put it back in the oven. I sometimes will add capers if I want some extra saltiness and/or a squirt of lemon juice.