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Feb 15, 2007 12:35 PM

Halibut Fillets

I just bought some Halibut Fillets ($17.99 lb OUCH !). I was thinking of simply roasting them with a little truffle infused oil and sea salt / pepper served with a roasted butternut risotto. Any other preparations for these fillets that you hounds have tried and foulnd to be excellent ? Thanks in advance !

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  1. I have made a creamy white wine and dijon mustard sauce with garlicky baby red potatoes that's pretty good, Serve the fish on fresh spinach cooked in lemon then top with the sauce...

    1. a pan sauce of leeks & cream goes well w halibut...

      1. If you enjoy Asian flavors, you might consider this one...I used to make it back when I could afford the darned halibut (!!!)...but it's very good...Halibut with Sambal Oelek Vinaigrette and Wasabi Cream:

        1. I'm wondering why so expensive? This time of year they are from the Atlantic as the Alaskan season is over; Atlantic should be less expensive.

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            Well, a couple reasons, I guess. The first is being in Vermont, almost all seafood is expensice (except PEI mussels @ $1.79 / lb). The other is that I bought it a smaller market that specializes in organic type items. You know, the type of place where you shop with a basket instead of a cart and the aroma of patchouli oil (spelling ??) fills the air. Great stuff but only for those items you can't find elsewhere.

            1. re: TonyO

              Thanks, I didn't know that about Vermont and seafood prices. I think this is kind of a sad time of year in general for fish prices. I'm looking forward to spring and reasonably-priced Alaskan halibut and a good selection of Florida grouper. We're lucky in Cleveland to have a couple of great fresh fish sources. I hope you enjoyed your halibut and got the patchouli smell out of your clothes ;)

              1. re: gourmanda

                Yeah, it was excellent. I roasted it at 425 for about 20 minutes and then finished it under the broiler to give it some texture (the pieces were about 12 ounces each). What a great fish !

          2. This past weekend, I got fresh halibut, just salt and pepper, olive oil and mango salad on the side - I just baked the halibut for 15 min on 425F. It was mouth wateringly simple and good.

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            1. re: pescatarian

              Kind of thoughts, keep it as simple as possible to enjoy the halibut. Thanks !

              1. re: TonyO

                Yes, it was one of those, "wow, I forgot how delicious halibut is on it's own" moments :) Although, I don't think the truffle oil would hurt it either.