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Feb 15, 2007 12:16 PM

Cleaning jelly roll pan used for roasting?

I have a Chicago Metallic commercial aluminum jelly roll pan (rimmed baking sheet) that I use mostly for roasting things - potatoes, chicken wings, etc. Roasting always leaves that sticky yellow film that's impossible to get off, so I was scrubbing the pan with a sponge and some Bartender's Friend like I would my stainless cookware. Apprarently that was a bad idea, because the silver coating on the commercial-grade alumninum pan began to flake off from the scrubbing, leaving spots of the darker underlayer showing through. So, 3 questions:

1) Is the Chicago Metallic pan just poor quality, or will all jelly roll pans flake like this?
2) Is it dangerous to continue cooking on the pan with the surface layer flaking off like that?
3) I did get a replacement pan, but don't want to ruin it like I did the old one. Any suggestions for cleaning it after roasting/caring properly for it?

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  1. I personally use a layer of aluminum foil over the roasting pan to avoid getting that film (or to cover it up if it's already there). I use a VERY light spraying of olive oil to keep it non-stick.

    My guess is that while it might not be dangerous, it probably isn't the best idea to cook food on something that has bits and pieces (i.e. flakes). It's probably best to toss it.