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Feb 15, 2007 12:14 PM

Best dives?

Looking for good, inexpensive, relatively authentice - anything but Indian.

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    1. Just about anywhere, but primarily Pasadena, NE Los Angeles, Burbank, Glendale, downtown, Silverlake, etc.

      1. The Prince
        3198 W Seventh St
        Los Angeles, CA 90005
        (213) 389-2007

        "If this sucker doesn't grab you then your octopus has been dead too long"

        1. The Prince has a couple of amazing dishes. The Korean fried chicken is good as is the super spicy fried chicken.

          1. Tacomiendo has great taqueria items and other Mexican dishes. And the tortillas they use for the tacos are made fresh - you'll see them being pressed as you make your order. I know of two locations: Inglewood Blvd, just south of Culver, and on Gateway, about a half block east of Barrington.