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Feb 15, 2007 12:11 PM

Cafe Madrid - New lunch option in downtown Oakland?

It looks like this bocadillo lunch spot just opened in downtown Oakland. Sobrasada, boquerones, Spanish sandwiches - anyone tried this place yet? I judge a spot on its tortilla, but haven't a chance to go yet. Anyway, I'm intrigued! Any reviews?

Cafe Madrid
2001 Broadway
Oakland, CA 94620
(510) 271-0001

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  1. I stopped by for lunch today -- their bocadillos are "build your own sandwich" style, with various choices for meat, cheese, and condiments. I had chorizo with manchego, salsa verde, lettuce and tomato. Good flavors, especially the chorizo and the garlicky salsa verde, but the very high bread-to-filling ratio really muted the flavors. They will grill and press sandwiches on request, so I might try that next time.

    Meat choices include two types of chorizo, jamon serrano, salchichon, sobrasada, burifarra, turkey and roast beef. Sauce options include allioli, tomato sauce, piquillo sauce.

    The rest of their menu is intriguing, and includes tortilla, boquerones, rosted pimientos with garlic and olive oil, and daily soup.

    If anyone else tries this new place out, please report back!

    1. sweet...any idea how late this place stays open?

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        I don't know how late, but it's definitely open for dinner, as we drove by tonight on the way to the Paramount and it appeared to be hopping. Goodness knows that area could use more pre-show dining options.

      2. I can report a little more, having stopped by to grab lunch to go.

        I had a bocadillo with jamon serrano, manchego, and salsa verde. The sandwich is pretty hefty because of the bread, but there's enough of the ingredients (except for the salsa verde...might be a good idea to ask for extra.) The manchego was delicious, the jamon serrano a little fatty but still the real thing. What makes this place intriguing are the other sandwich options, as OaktownHound noted above, and described on a flyer at the counter. They offer "allioli", not to be confused with aioli...this one's just garlic and olive oil. The cheese choices are manchego and something called "tronchon", and you can add boquerones and piquillo peppers for extra.

        I'd go back to try another sandwich. The space is lovely too, in the old I Magnin building, with a few cafe-style tables near the windows.

        1. I just called to check their hours: 6:30am-4pm Monday-Friday, "probably" 11am-5pm Saturdays, and any time there's a show at the Paramount they'll stay open till it starts.