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Feb 15, 2007 12:08 PM

Back to Spain

Alright...heres my deal. In the sixties I lived in Barcelona. In the seventies in Valencia and in a the town of Torrente in the outskirts. Been back recently: short stops in Barcelona, Malaga...
Very different now of course and this may be a case of 'you cant go home again'. I loved the Spain of the early years though I think in many ways things are better now for the people and especially women. I know the food is great everywhere but maybe someone can suggest a place away from the tourists, where my wife and I can practice our spanish, eat tapas, make friends. A small city or town thats beautiful to walk in etc. I'm a sculptor and we could spend a good part of the year in the right place.Read your posts and will look into whats already been suggested. Appreciate your input.

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  1. Sevilla! There are some tourists, but this is a beautiful part of Spain. The food and the architecture in that region are wonderful!



    1. Ubeda - beautiful buildings, not much tourism, great tapas and near to other places worth visiting, such as the Alpujarras and Granada.

      1. Thank you Heather and Theresa. I remembered after my post that I neglected to mention living in Sevilla for 3-4 months in 1969 and it was a great experience. I'll see what I can find about Ubeda. I realised in thinking about this that the Spain of my 'wild' days is gone i.e.';Hemmingway's Spain' and the place that I'd like to find there , without tourists everywhere is precisely the kind of idyllic location that attracts tourists. One thing I'd like, though its not a big deal would be to hear castillian spanish. What about towns near Madrid?

        1. There are many, many beautiful small towns that are virtually untouched by foreign tourists (though have plenty of Spanish tourists on weekends, puentes, and holidays). Rural tourism is very, very popular among Spaniards. But tourism shouldn't necessarily be viewed as a bad thing in my opinion, it ensures that a town has a decent economy. More important for someone who lives here and wants to learn the language is to steer clear of the Costa del Sol Mediterranean towns with large numbers of British residents.

          A couple of questions... Are you looking for a pueblo or a small city? Can you survive a very cold winter and hot as a frying pan summer days of the Meseta? Or the raininess of the north?

          Some ideas off the top of my head:

          Arcos/Jerez de la Frontera
          La Coruña
          Toro (a pueblo near Zamora)
          Llanes (Asturias)

          Near Madrid:

          Covarrubias (more a pueblo)

          Lots of tourists, but still worth considering:

          Santiago de Compostela

          Here's an article from a while back on the 30 prettiest small towns in Spain (in Spanish):

          1. Gracias Butterfly
            Not too hot and not too cold. I am downloading the article and will translate with a dictionary nearby. If we can find the right place, we could spend one or two months a year there. Probably a pueblo , a few bars, bodegas and a few restaurants. Is that a pueblo?