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Where is the best fried catfish within 25 miles of Austin?

I praised the Heavens when Springhill opened an Airport Blvd location and it is good.But the fluorescent lighting and wretched tartar sauce has me wondering if something better is not available in the hinterlands?I'll happily drive out to the sticks particularly if ice cold beer is offered.

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  1. I like fried catfish but my sister loves it. She likes the catfish beignets at ZTejas and the fried catfish at Waterloo.

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      Richard Jones BBQ makes a great catfish sandwich. Mine was perfectly fried, served with tartar sauce, coleslaw on toasted garlic bread. Was perfect!

    2. Dude. look into Cherry Creek in S. Austin. Very good coleslaw and fries, excellent catfish as well. beer menu puny.

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        Oops - I forgot to mention... that is much loved. I think there is something going on with the Manchaca Fire Station that I've been told of, as well.

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          Had a great Fried Catfish platter at Cherry Creek today...the catfish was good and fresh,fried up in crispy cornmeal with a Paul Bunyan sized portion of good hot fries[commercial but still good]....the ranch has went downhill since my last visit but with plenty lemon juice and black pepper added it turned out ok.Not in Springhills class for quality but still a good plate of fried fish

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            I had the catfish sandwich at Cherry Creek yesterday for lunch. Very soft bun, very crispy catfish. Good spicy fries. I was very pleased with the meal.

          2. What about the Catfish Parlour ? I've admittedly never been, but despite its gimmicky look, I'm still always intrigued by the place.

            Their website: http://www.catfishparlour.com/

            1. I'd imagine the catfish at Quality Seafood would be great. I rarely order it, though, as there are so many great (and IMO better) options there.

              1. It's further than 25 miles, but its worth the trip. The Clear Springs Cafe out just East of New Braunfels has some tasty fried catfish, and also do great friend shrimp and onion rings. They also have classics like chicken fried steaks and burgers and their BBQ is passable, although there are better places to go if you are interested in BBQ. Exit Mile Marker 189 on IH 35 and head east. You will see an ancient building that was the Clear Springs Town Hall at one point. Thats your place.

                If you can't make it out there, I do recommend Cherry Creek and Eaves Brothers (Quality Seafood.) I haven't tried but have heard good things about Nubian Queen Lola's and Gene's Poboys in East Austin.

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                  I concur on Clear Springs. I have family that live in Seguin and we regularly make trips there when I visit. Cherry Creek is great and I'm sort of a fan of Shoal Creek, but it could just be the ubiquitous TV sports and beer....

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                    Ditto Clear Springs Catfish - worth the drive for the catfish and wacky garage sale collector decor.
                    Pfugerville also has a Springhill Restaurant with catfish baskets of strips and batter dipped fries.

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                      I live in Pflugerville and have been many times just because it is convenient, but it is not that good IMHO. And it is way overpriced for what you get (Paper plates and plastic utensils? Please). The food there is just so-so. I have tried their whole catfish but it is just far too greasy.

                2. I'm partial to the catfish (and oyster) poboys at Gene's (http://www.genesrestaurant.com/menu.htm), and Quality Seafood is very good too.

                  1. T.C.'s Lounge on Weberville. it's a dive blues bar, but they serve fried chicken wings and catfish on most nights (avoid hipster monday night... no catfish and too many hipsters). the pitiful sides that come with it (side salad, toast, ore-ida fries) should be skipped, but the catfish may be the best i've ever had.

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                      I have been meaning to hit this place for years. What are their hours?

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                        i have no idea. probably regular bar hours? i've only been there after 9pm. (austin chronicle says 11am - whenever) i have no idea if they serve catfish during the day though. every night that i've been on a thursday, they've had catfish. i recently went once on a monday and it was packed and they had no catfish. :(

                        we are planning to go soon to see nate's old blues band play. i'll give you a heads up!

                    2. The best I have had is actually at the "Bluebonnett Cafe" in Marble Falls. It's "all you can eat" even, on Saturday nights, and they're beautiful medium large filets with a crispy thin fried exterior that must have a touch of sugar in the batter....oh my...I'm making myself hungry.

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                        This may not be what you are looking for, but I had some awesome fried fish at T&S seafood up on N Lamar. It was the salt and pepper fish special......you may never go back to the Catfish Parlour!

                      2. I'm an idiot for not mentioning the Pud Cha at Madam Mam's. While not like the traditional fried catfish you're probably seeking, it is to this date the best fried catfish I've ever had. Difficulty: it is usually insanely spicy; you need to be in the mood for the punch it will deliver to your mouth and your gastric system.

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                          tom in austin,

                          I tried the Pud Cha catfish at Madam Mam's this past weekend, based on your recommendation. It was, as promised, very spicy, but the dish was marred by the dry, overcooked catfish. It was, in terms of texture, somewhere between non-reconstituted salt cod and jerky. I'm guessing that's not the norm?

                          The Pud Cha was the best of the dishes sampled (fried and fresh spring rolls were at best average, though I liked the spicy peanut sauce that came with the latter; the beef Pad Sea-Ew was incredibly oily and came with only a few stalks of regular, not Chinese, broccoli; a friend’s Som Tum (papaya salad) was pronounced disappointing, but I didn’t try it myself).


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                            After Castle Hill, I vowed to never recommend anything to you again unless I was silver-bullet sure. I think you probably have a better sense of taste than I do. While I think highly of myself and my ability to "grok" food, I think you're on a whole 'nother level altogether.

                            Your report on the Pud Cha does not match my average experience. I've probably had the Pud Cha fifteen times in my life, at the very least. A couple times, at least, it has been as you described: dry and overcooked. For the price, Mam's offers excellent consitency. Compare it to Wink. Ten times the price, and only slightly more consistent.

                            Sad news about the papaya salad. I've had several good salads there, but none great. For Thai salad, I advise a trip to Little Thailand in Garfield. Mam's warm beef salad is pretty good. Little Thailand is so much better that the two cannot be fairly compared.

                            Strangely enough, I had Madam Mam's takeout tonight; not the Pud Cha, as I wasn't interested in melting my face, but a couple delicious dishes that I would easily recommend to almost anyone. I can only hope your future Mam's experiences do not map to your most recent. If they do, the sincere shame I will feel for leading Austin's crown prince of chow astray will be too great to bear.

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                              Madam Mam's Yum Nuer (Spicy Grilled Beef Salad) is pretty good,and nice and spicy, but in my opinion, the best dish there is their P11 Tom Kha. You can get it with Chicken, Shrimp, Tofu or Artichoke. I would avoid the shrimp, only because it tends to come overcooked. Chicken can be a little dry too, but I can handle overcooked chicken over overcooked shrimp anyday. I like the way they cook their tofu and the artichoke is an pleasant change of pace. In my opinion, this is the best Tom Kha in the city. Its quite spicy and extremely rich (It seems richer and creamier than other restaurant's versions.) Usually spicier than Thai Kitchen, or Thai Tara. I haven't tried Thai Passion's Tom Kha though.

                              1. re: Homero

                                I love their Tom Kha -- in fact, I had the artichoke Tom Kha this evening -- and agree that it is the best in Austin. My wife, a huge fan of the cuisine, maintains that it is second to Thai Tara's. I must agree with her that Thai Tara does this dish right; less spicy, but quite delicious.

                                But Mam's does everything else better. Unless you are a devoted fan of nonspicy Tom Kha, why ever go to Thai Tara over Madam Mam's?

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                                  Thai Tara's Tom Kha is very good as well, but I prefer their Tom Yum. It has the right amount of roasted chili paste for that depth of flavor that I haven't found anywhere else in town. Thai Kitchen's Tom Yum is good, and is very strong with the lemon grass and kaffir lime leaves, but it doesn't have enough of the roasted chili paste for me. Madam Mam's Tom Yum is just too hot for me (Maybe I had a particularly hot batch) and doesn't have the balance of flavors that the other two have.

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                                    I don't mind seeing my old-school fried catfish post hi-jacked by the Thai aficionados.....as long as when you read this you drop what you're doing and blaze at top speed to Garfield and eat at Little Thailand.Upon returning to Austin do not heave bricks through Madam Mams windows nor confront their chef with insults in the parking lot.It's not their fault they can't hang with Surin...she is the Queen of the Texas Thai scene.

                                    1. re: scrumptiouschef

                                      I cannot disagree that Little Thailand is awesome!

                                      Madam Mam's is also awesome, but in a different way. It is really hard to compare the places.

                                      1. re: tom in austin

                                        Sorry about the digression, scrumptious!

                                        But thanks for the feedback, everyone. It's both hilarious and informative. I will hightail it over to Little Thailand in the next couple of days AND try the Pud Cha and some new dishes at Madam Mam's again soon. (Any place can have an off night.)

                                        I will, of course, plead the fifth should anyone later inquire about smashed windows or browbeaten chefs at Madam Mam's.


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                                        I have been to Little Thailand, and the food was excellent, as was Dick's lounge. I especially likes the squid salad he brought us to try. I need to go back, But I do still feel that the Tom Kha at Madam Mam's is my favorite in the city. Sorry about hijacking the thread. :)

                            2. The catfish beignets at Quality Seafood are delicious. Fresh, juicy bits of catfish with a good tartar sauce on the side. That way, you can start the meal with some catfish and move on to other tasty bits like their fish tacos and fresh oysters. MMMMM!

                              1. Has anyone mentioned Hoover's yet? If we're talking southern fried Catfish, I really can't think of a better place.

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                                  I also really like the Catfish at Hoovers. Until recently it was one of the only things I had ordered there (it was just so good that I couldn't try other things). I also like the range of sides that I can have with my Catfish....eating something green rather than fries tricks me into thinking that I'm watching my waistline!

                                2. Don't forget Tony's Southern Comfort just east of I-35 on 6th Street. Overall, they do the best fried foods in town and the catfish rates very high.

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                                    I have to strongly 2nd the Tony's Southern Comfort recommendation. Their fried catfish puts everyone else in the shade. It's also the place to go for chicken and waffles.

                                  2. While not the best in the area, the fried catfish at the Stallion Grill is always great on Fridays. HUGE portion, nice crispy crust, and great flavor.

                                    1. Last week I went to Gene's on E. 11th for the first time. I thought that was the best catfish I have ever had. In fact, I'm going back tomorrow.

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                                        Gene's does indeed make a GREAT catfish poboy.

                                      2. Mildly off-topic, but a new Catfish Parlour location will be opening in the fall on Williams Drive in Georgetown not too far from Sun City for people up that way. They officially broke ground last week.

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                                        1. re: noz

                                          I've been to two different Catfish Parlour locations and both were extremely sub-par.

                                          1. re: bloody hammer

                                            I agree, I'm not too keen on Catfish Parlour. We used to go to Springhill Catfish until Louisiana Longhorn Cafe in Round Rock opened up. They have the best seafood all around and the portions are enormous. CP has scimpy portions. LL also has great poboys.

                                            1. re: Meshelle

                                              I take po-boys pretty serious..... and I would love to find a good one here in Austin. Sambet's is the closest I've come. Next time I'm up in Round Rock I'll check out this LL Cafe you mentioned. Thanks for the tip!

                                          2. re: noz

                                            Is this location open yet? Thanks!

                                          3. I thought I'd mention Dot's in Pflugerville. I haven't had the fried catfish but it looks great, it's a huge serving, and if it is on par with the rest of their food it's gotta be worth trying.

                                            1. For anyone who may not have seen the discussion on the "austin soul food" thread, don't forget about Reggie's:


                                              Lucky for us chowhounds, scrumptiouschef answered his own question. I've happily tried the place a few times myself. Reggie does excellent fried catfish and hush puppies. With fries, the plate will cost you $6.75.

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                                                Definitely the best catfish plate I've found thus far in Austin. I went there this past Saturday around dinner time hoping to get a basket of their crisp, perfect soul food, but alas they were closed! I thought it was unusual time to be closed, but I guess you can't ask for too much consistency from a trailer.

                                              2. It is a bit of a drive, but Boat House Grill has really good fried catfish sandwiches. 620 and 2222.

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                                                  I also vote for Boat House Grill

                                                2. It's been a while since I had Nubian Queen Lola's, but if memory serves, her version is a cornmeal-less flour and cornstarch batter that is fortified with cajun spice making it come out light and puffy (think cajun fish and chips). Pair it with whatever sides she's offering on a daily basis (bacon heavy turnip greens, esp.) and some gumbo, and you've got a damn fine home-cooked meal.

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                                                    I like Clear Springs near New braunfels.I like to get their fried catfish and shrimp plate,yummy.I had one of their burgers which was good and so was the gumbo.Don't get up to Austin,so have no idea about places there.Only place I have eaten there was at Landry's on the river,it was nice.

                                                  2. The best catfish in Texas is about 225 miles north of Austin. The town is Abilene and the name is "Catfish Corner". I think they have one in San Angelo too. The Catfish has the most unique flavor and so does the tartar sauce. It is located on S. Treadaway around 7th or 8th street on the corner. The fries are weak, and the salad too but I just get the "All you can eat" and enjoy the hushpuppies and salad. The service is great also. You can ask to have it extra crispy if you are worried about undercooking, but I don't, it is a little crispy anyway which is fine with me. So if you are traveling north sometime and need to stop.....

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                                                      Hands down, my favorite fried catfish is at Louisiana Longhorn Cafe in Round Rock. It has a very seasoned cornmeal batter and the fish does have that "fishy" taste. The owner told me they only use "Mississippi Delta" catfish. I always have the fried shrimp and catfish platter. They serve them with homemade french fries. The fried shimp have a very light batter and you can taste the shrimp. I also like the whole fried catfish at Springhill Catfish. And the blackberry cobbler!!

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                                                        Just had the whole fried catfish at Captain Benny's (yes, the boat on I-35) and it was awesome. Fried perfectly - you can eat the spine and fins. $12 gets you a catfish, 10 shrimp, hushpuppies, fries and garlic bread. The oysters weren't bad either, considering the time of year. I watched the technique - flour, wet mix (egg/milk or buttermilk or something) then fine cornmeal. Right on.

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                                                          Green Mesquite does amighty fine Catfish poboy, IMHO.

                                                    2. Had the cornmeal and tortilla crusted catfish at Waterloo last night. It was shockingly very good. I'm generally underwhelmed with everything there but with half price appetizers on Wed, we go there cause we're cheap. I was very pleased with the catfish and the jalapeño tarter sauce was actually spicy. I dunno if the stars aligned for them with my dish or if it's always this good, but I would definitely order it next time we go. (this was at the Slaughter/escarpment location)

                                                      1. On a recent journey out fm 969 trolling for deliciousness in the hinterlands I notice RiverBank Catfish in bustling downtown Webberville.It's fishcamp appearance is very appealing,a worn cabin with a rickety deck overlooking a gravel parking lot...all a stone's throw from the nearby Colorado River.I make a mental note[I'm searching for barbecue]and vow to return soon.

                                                        Last night with not a lot else on the agenda I decide to make a return visit.I phone ahead and the gentleman answering agrees to stay open a few extra minutes so he can enjoy some college hoops on the tv and make a plate of food for a hungry patron.

                                                        It's about 20 minutes from UT's campus so I race with the wind and pull in around 8:15 pm,navigate the rocky parking lot and stroll inside.The interior of the restaurant is nice and homey;hardwood floors,a tin ceiling and no more than 4 or 5 tables scattered about the dining room.

                                                        I order quickly:Regular Catfish Combo is $7.95 and arrives quickly on a stryofoam plate loaded with Hushpuppies,French Fries,Onion Rings and 4 small pieces of Catfish,bordering on nugget sized.

                                                        The Onion Rings are commercial and not delicious,the Hushpuppies are commercial and ok,not great but they eat,the French Fries are the battered type and though commercial they are good.The Catfish is cornmeal coated and not seasoned.One of the pieces is of good quality but the others have the little gray stripe in them that turns so many people off of this fine eating fish.

                                                        I'm the only diner and the owner/fry cook is right skilled at conversing on the nuances of college hoops[his beloved Aggies are all over the tv] and life in the country versus life in the city.

                                                        The building is a 70 year old house rescued from demolition when sh 130 came through the farming country nearby.It's a nice environment to feed in and the man is an earnest restauranteur,inquiring of my weal and generally seeing to it that any needs are met.

                                                        I just wish the food was better.

                                                        We're terribly spoiled in Austin for good catfish:Springhill is fine and very consistent.Reggies is stellar but his erratic hours of operation frustrating,Cherry Creek is good but over 100 blocks from my home.With all these options I doubt I'll return to Riverbank Catfish unless I'm in Webberville and in need of some sustenance.

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                                                        1. re: scrumptiouschef

                                                          I heard from the guy at Cook's Canoes that the catfish place in Webberville is now closed down.

                                                          1. re: TroyTempest

                                                            I liked the man who owned Riverbank I just wish his food was better.Everything,except the fish,was frozen from a bag.There's a small grocery store a few blocks west of Riverbank that does a meat and 3 lunch.Has anyone been?


                                                        2. Pacific Star on 183/AndersonMill does good fried catfish. All you can eat Thursday nights. Way better than Catfish Parlour in my opinion.

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                                                            I've gotta have whole fried catfish. No filets. It's gotta be made to order, too. No buffets. So far I've found contenders tin Austin. Certainly nothing compared to what you'd find in Mississippi.

                                                            1. re: ridgeback

                                                              They'd do it. But it would be a special order. Tien Hong on burnet will fry a whole fish and then put sweet and sour sauce all over it. It's on the menu for around $18.

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                                                                Whole catfish is on the menu at the Monument Cafe in Georgetown. My husband loves it. Sides include locally grown and organic vegetables. As Central Texas diner's go...Monument is an excellent choice.


                                                                1. re: ridgeback

                                                                  I also much prefer whole catfish, but I have not found anywhere decent in Austin for a long, long time. Believe it or not the Blackeyed Pea at 183 and Burnet used to have the very best whole fried catfish I have ever had anywhere, but they quit about 15 or 20 years ago. Their catfish was perfectly done inside and out; what I can't stand is a whole catfish that is crispy on the outside and mushy/wet/raw on the inside. Springhill in Pflugerville has a whole catfish but it is so greasy I can't eat it.

                                                              2. Want some great catfish - try the Manchaca Firehall south of Austin. It is to drive a ways for! They have an all-u-can-eat setup which lets you see them cooking the fish right in front of you! On Friday nights they have it with free music and cheep beer. All beer is the same price too! The cole slaw is the second best part of the meal. We took a large group - some ordered off their regular menu - and the kids all ran and played. We had a wonderful time and fantastic food! I give it 5 stars!!!!!!

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                                                                1. re: HEYTHERE

                                                                  if you're heading out of town, Railroad BBQ in Kyle has all you can eat catfish on Friday nights and it's damn good. I've stopped in 3 times and it's always fresh and hot. Pretty reasonable...around ten bucks for all you can eat.

                                                                  1. re: gawain44

                                                                    I live in Kyle and have for sometime.... long before Railroad BBQ existed..
                                                                    The "ONLY" thing guaranteed good at Railroad BBQ is that when the train passes the building, the Trainhorn will be "Good and Loud"!
                                                                    All the food at that place is "Horrible"! Absolutely Horrible>>>>>>
                                                                    If you want good BBQ.... Go to City Market in Luling Texas, Smittys in Lockhart Texas and if you want GREAT catfish, try Henry's in Lockhart Texas ...... Directly across from Smittys

                                                                    1. re: shonuffgood

                                                                      OK, tell us how you REALLY feel......

                                                                2. Capt. Benny's on I 35 at 290 has the best whole fried catfish hands down in Austin. I've been eating there for the past 15 years and have yet to find better anywhere in Austin. The rest of the food is just as good and you can not beat the price. The Gumbo is to die for too!

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                                                                    I have to agree. Their catfish is great, their shrimp is great as well. You can get a combo basket of each. My favorite is the crawfish etouffee is to die for. A big portion, very well seasoned for under $10 I think. The gumbo is awesome and piping hot at all times. In season, they offer tasty oysters as well.

                                                                    1. re: john witter

                                                                      Thanks for reminding me of this place. I haven't been there in years and had totally forgotten about it. I will have to try it out soon!

                                                                    2. Catfish beignets appetizer at Z Tejas!! It's a classic.

                                                                      1. I used to think Mr. Catfish was a pretty decent place, although the only catfish I ever had there is the catfish strips...... I think the one on Rundberg closed down, but there is still one on Springdale I believe, on the Eastside right by Givens Park.

                                                                        1. Boat House on FM 620

                                                                          1. I know this is an old thread, but does that Catfish restaurant that served unlimited catfish, hush puppies, etc IN AN OLD BARN still exist? I believe it was south out down S. Lamar- south of town. Is it still around?

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                                                                            1. re: hungryinmanhattan

                                                                              I'm pretty sure you are thinking about Clarence Vogal's weekend fish fry at the Manchaca Volunteer Fire Department. Ah, that brings back some memories.

                                                                              Unfortunately, it's not around at this location. Clarence is still frying catfish 3 days a week at Giddy-Ups bar (12010 Manchaca Road), but I haven't been and can't really fill in any details.

                                                                              Perhaps another hound has been to Giddy-Ups?

                                                                              1. re: Alan Sudo

                                                                                Folks, Southern Hospitality on the south bound 183 feeder b/t N. lamar and 35 has the catfish in this town beat. Having enjoyed versions at Cherry Creek, Catfish Parlour, and best of those, among others, Hoovers on Manor, I was curious about the fryer at SC. For 7.99 with the internet coupon for all you can eat, with potatoes, cabbage, carrots, mac n cheese, spinach, and other simple and clean home cooking + veg staples, and some awesome fried chicken to boot - this crispy catfish even on its buffet can't be beat. try to. report back. this is indeed simple southern cooking that satisfies both appetite, cardiovascular system, and wallet.

                                                                            2. I agree 100% with slow cooked...try the catfish at Southern Hospitality. Fish is not greasy and it does not taste like dirt. Very fresh, very moist fish with crispy cornmeal crust. I just love the couple that own the place too. They are very humble and gracious and truly care about what they are serving.

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                                                                              1. re: chispa_c

                                                                                Have to report my husband and I ate at Southern Hospitality last night (Sat.). Best comfort food in Austin including the melt in your mouth catfish and fried chicken. Both light and not greasy. The buffet also included fresh vegetables, salad and soup bar, tea and dessert. And all for $9.99. Besides us, there were only 2 other people in the restaurant. Can't understand why there's not a line out the door. Please pass the word so this place can stay in business. Nice people and GREAT food. Please support them.

                                                                              2. I'm resurrecting this topic to let ya'll know that Good Luck Grill in Manor has EXCELLENT catfish! Far better than the catfish at Springhill in Pflugerville. I've lived in Pflugerville for 26 years so I almost feel disloyal by saying that, but it's true. Also, GLG's burgers are OUTSTANDING! Give them a try.


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                                                                                1. re: Jensingstx

                                                                                  Thanks, I'll have to give them a try sometime. I also lived in Pflugerville for 25 years but never really cared much for Springhill. I guess I never saw what other people did in that place.

                                                                                  1. re: danny_w

                                                                                    To be honest, I always ordered the Springhill Salad when I ate there. I never really cared for their catfish. I know people don't like the decor but it's full of old relics found in "the 'Ville". I love seeing the old population signs because I remember each one of them going up in the town.

                                                                                    In any case, Good Luck Grill is really, really good. Not super greasy, and (to me) fresh-tasting. And when I don't want catfish, their burger with grilled onions and melted cheese makes my tummy super-happy. My Mom even says their salads are good. (I can't get past the burgers and fish, so I can't vouch for their salads, personally.)

                                                                                    Happy New Year!

                                                                                2. Does the catfish barn still exist, out south on Lamar?

                                                                                  1. Wow, it's mentioned below by some others but Clear Springs' catfish near in Clear Springs Texas (3 miles east of New Braunfels on HWY 46) is actually the best catfish I've had in Texas. Light crispy cornmeal batter, and really light tasting fleshy fish, not greasy in the least. Somehow it distinctly reminded me of the fried bluegill and crappie I had a lot as a kid. The oysters were great as well. Not inexpensive, but not excessive. Tarter sauce is much too sweet for my liking, but I don't need it. I'm wondering about the key lime pie, the server says it's the best thing there.

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                                                                                    1. re: slowcoooked

                                                                                      I remembered. I think it was called the catfish barn out south down Lamar. Is it still there? Was a long time ago.

                                                                                    2. I've had the best fried catfish I've ever had at the Nawlins Cafe on Mcneil/183.

                                                                                      The batter is super light yet crisp and the fish inside is soft and moist. This is some expert frying.

                                                                                      1. Pacific Star in Round Rock has some good fried Catfish...in the oldfashioned no frills fry it ..throw it in a basket with frenched frys way....

                                                                                        1. The places I prefer to go to are Catfish parlor, there are a few locations in/around Austin, and the other place is a little place on 620 and 2222 called The Boathouse Grill, i like to go there cause it's a very relaxed atmosphere and ofcourse good fried food!