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Feb 15, 2007 11:56 AM

Where is the best fried catfish within 25 miles of Austin?

I praised the Heavens when Springhill opened an Airport Blvd location and it is good.But the fluorescent lighting and wretched tartar sauce has me wondering if something better is not available in the hinterlands?I'll happily drive out to the sticks particularly if ice cold beer is offered.

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  1. I like fried catfish but my sister loves it. She likes the catfish beignets at ZTejas and the fried catfish at Waterloo.

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    1. re: Rene

      Richard Jones BBQ makes a great catfish sandwich. Mine was perfectly fried, served with tartar sauce, coleslaw on toasted garlic bread. Was perfect!

    2. Dude. look into Cherry Creek in S. Austin. Very good coleslaw and fries, excellent catfish as well. beer menu puny.

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        Oops - I forgot to mention... that is much loved. I think there is something going on with the Manchaca Fire Station that I've been told of, as well.

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          Had a great Fried Catfish platter at Cherry Creek today...the catfish was good and fresh,fried up in crispy cornmeal with a Paul Bunyan sized portion of good hot fries[commercial but still good]....the ranch has went downhill since my last visit but with plenty lemon juice and black pepper added it turned out ok.Not in Springhills class for quality but still a good plate of fried fish

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            I had the catfish sandwich at Cherry Creek yesterday for lunch. Very soft bun, very crispy catfish. Good spicy fries. I was very pleased with the meal.

          2. What about the Catfish Parlour ? I've admittedly never been, but despite its gimmicky look, I'm still always intrigued by the place.

            Their website:

            1. I'd imagine the catfish at Quality Seafood would be great. I rarely order it, though, as there are so many great (and IMO better) options there.

              1. It's further than 25 miles, but its worth the trip. The Clear Springs Cafe out just East of New Braunfels has some tasty fried catfish, and also do great friend shrimp and onion rings. They also have classics like chicken fried steaks and burgers and their BBQ is passable, although there are better places to go if you are interested in BBQ. Exit Mile Marker 189 on IH 35 and head east. You will see an ancient building that was the Clear Springs Town Hall at one point. Thats your place.

                If you can't make it out there, I do recommend Cherry Creek and Eaves Brothers (Quality Seafood.) I haven't tried but have heard good things about Nubian Queen Lola's and Gene's Poboys in East Austin.

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                1. re: Homero

                  I concur on Clear Springs. I have family that live in Seguin and we regularly make trips there when I visit. Cherry Creek is great and I'm sort of a fan of Shoal Creek, but it could just be the ubiquitous TV sports and beer....

                  1. re: Twill

                    Ditto Clear Springs Catfish - worth the drive for the catfish and wacky garage sale collector decor.
                    Pfugerville also has a Springhill Restaurant with catfish baskets of strips and batter dipped fries.

                    1. re: cecilymary

                      I live in Pflugerville and have been many times just because it is convenient, but it is not that good IMHO. And it is way overpriced for what you get (Paper plates and plastic utensils? Please). The food there is just so-so. I have tried their whole catfish but it is just far too greasy.