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Feb 15, 2007 11:44 AM

Best wings in Orange County? [moved from CA board]

I've been getting my wings from Wingnuts in Costa Mesa. I'm generally satisfied with it, but am often told by people at parties that one place or another is better. What are you favorite places and how are the prices?

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  1. The best place ever for wings without a doubt is Wing Stop. There are franchise places all over Southern California. They have the best wings outside of Buffalo New York (I would know, I've done the Buffalo Wing Tour) and they are reasonably priced. For about 15 wings with a side (they have the best seasoned fries) and a coke it is a little less than 13 dollars. My fiance and I make the trip to Wing Stop about 3 times a month (ours is a little far away) and we've never been disappointed. We've made maybe 30 trips and we've never left less than excited about the food. You HAVE to give Wing Stop a try.

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      I frequent the Wing Stop here in the South Bay and I agree the wings there are great. Crunchy right out of the fryer and then tossed in sauce quickly as it's meant to be. I do wish they had a level of spice between regular and atomic, though. I can do the atomic, but sometimes I'm just lazy and would prefer something a little easier to eat without having to drop down to regular. There's one in Costa Mesa, though I haven't been to that location.

      Another one I like is Wings N' Things in Huntington Beach. Feels like a local hangout in Buffalo.

    2. Wing Stop is awesome. There wing's are delicious.

      If you had down to Newport Penninsula, Mutt Lynch's has delicious wings too. If you order half a dozen it is actually a dozen in most places because the little drum stick and wing is all connected. More wings for your money!

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        Hi Jaytizzle,

        Wow! Mutt Lynch's has good wings? Good to know. Every time I visit my friends and we hang out in the Peninsula... we've never ordered the wings at ML's. I'll try that next time. :)

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          I wanted to love wingnuts in costa mesa, but i just don't think they have the best wings, Now my friends and I think the best wings locally are at Longboard Pub, in HB, but they're are not available in a bunch of different flavors, like the other places. They are just the right texture, with a great buffalo sauce.

          1. re: FoodiePastor

            Agreed. Longboard is my favorite Buffalo style wing in OC too

      2. Anyone been to Wings N Things in Huntington Beach?

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          Murrietta by Temecula if your in the area, wings n things! the best out here

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            Try the "Beyond Hot" -- they are! What makes this place better than most , if not all, wings places is the house blue cheese.

            Wings N Things Restaurant (Buffalo style Hot Wings -- Mild, Hot, Extra Hot, Beyond Hot , also Beef on Weck)
            18302 Beach Blvd
            Huntington Beach, CA 92648-1311
            (714) 848-2767

            1. re: JeetJet

              The best wings are at Mozambique in Laguna Beach. Crispy, unbattered outside, with perfectly spiced, lightly buttered hot sauce, and succulent interior. Winner, winner, Chicken Dinner.


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                Went to Wings N Things recently. The wings had good flavor and blue cheese was creamy. The only issue I had is the wings were pretty small. One of my "drumettes" was literally a straight cylinder, no meaty drum at the top. On the other hand, the curly fries were hot, crispy, and didn't detect a touch of greasiness! Alright if you're in the area, not someplace I'd go out the way for.

              1. Has anyone tried that new hot wings place at Diamond Jamboree (couple stores down from BBQ Chicken) ?

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                  It was ok. But Gyochon is much better.

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                    I did. It's basic and true to the Buffalo-style of wings. I agree on Kyochon in Stanton -- a different take and preparation, but I prefer it over anything else.

                    Here's my review on Original Buffalo Wings:

                    And my review on Kyochon: