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Feb 15, 2007 11:37 AM

Japanese Desserts - mochi

I've been so addicted to those chewy rice cakes called mochi. I find ok ones in Japanese markets, but does anyone know of a Japanese dessert shop that sells fresh ones? I feel like a mochi cafe would be a huge hit. Mochi are those doughy cakes filled with sweet red bean or sometimes peanut butter or strawberry (although I"ve rarely seen the last 2 kinds around).

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  1. The dessert at Momofuku Ssam bar is an assortment of mochi.

    1. Café Zaiya has them-- both Zaiya locations do. The Zaiya in the East Village actually tends to have a larger selection of mochi than does the 41st Street restaurant.


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        definitely check-out cafe zaiya at the east village. they also make this red bean baked doughnuts that are simply heavenly.

      2. Just to clarify things, mochi is the generic term for rice cake (made from pounded sweet rice, different from the ones made from rice flour), and it could be savory or sweet, although I believe when you say mochi in Japanese, most people think of savory preparations. The mochi filled with sweet bean is called a daifuku. The ones with other fillings go by different names. Speaking of which, it's almost the season for sakura-mochi (the sweet stuff scented with sakura blossoms, pink in color). Try Minamoto Kitchoan (49th/5th Ave) if you're really into these types of desserts.

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