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Feb 15, 2007 11:35 AM

Olio in Delray Beach

I went to Olio last weekend and had a great meal. This place is a hidden gem off of Atlantic. Food is good and you can go into their wine store and pick out your wine and only pay a corkage fee. Great place, try it out.

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  1. how about a little more detail? type of food? price range? what was good?

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      I had the pasta with shrimp,(pappadelle sp?) and my wife had the salmon with soy/ginger both entrees were excellent. I had humus to start and my wife had the arugula salad. Shared a bottle of Clos Pegasse Chard, it was great. Bananas Foster for desert. Entrees were high teens to mid twentys. Great value.

    2. Has any one else tried Olio? I'm looking for a new experience but I have been disappointed in Delray before?

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      1. re: snoopy11

        Try Alegria on Linton by Miltary in the shopping center. Really good food that covers all the spanish cuisines. Had sauteed mushrooms in garlic butter, paella, entrana ,fajitas and bread pudding. It was all very good and the place is nice and the service is terrfic.Perfect for visitors with family in that area that want to eat in Delray without dealing with the congestion and high prices of the places on Atlantic in downtown Deray.

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          I tried it....been meaning to post. It was really fun, esp going to pick out our own wines in the wine room. The food was good - American bistro stuff. I got the honey duck and was happy with that. Friends got the pappardelle and shrimp and thought it was excellent. The food probably got an A-. Not the best I've ever eaten, but definitely solid. The atmosphere was fun, kinda noisy but not shouting level. We were 5 gals out on the town, so we were happy with a bit noiser place. One caveat - don't think you're saving $ on the wine by going into their smallish wine store to pick out your own. The corkage is $15 and the markup on the wine is probably $5-20/bottle over what you'd pay retail elsewhere. Example, a bottle that i know goes for $50 in a regular wine store was selling for $70 there. Either way, it was still fun. Also, the wine store has a table that you can book for a private party - seats about 12.