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Feb 15, 2007 11:15 AM

Piccolo Paradiso - thoughts?

In our quest to try all the Italian restaurants in LA, we're thinking of having dinner at Piccolo Paradiso tomorrow night. Anyone been?

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  1. I went about three weeks ago. We had an 8pm reservation. We were seated a little past 9pm. Grrrrrr. Yes, we should've left, but the hostess kept assuring us it would be no more than 5 more minutes.

    No offer of a complimentary anything after that fiasco.

    Maybe it was my sour mood, but i found the food to be very unremarkable. Don't remember what I had, to be honest, but I do recall my annoyance increasing when I realized I waited all that time for a subpar meal.

    If you haven't been to Il Pastaio, I'd highly recommend that as an alternative. Service can also be slow, but the food is far better in my opinion.

    La Buca is another fave, though it seems to be a source of disagreement here.

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      Have been to Il Pastaio and loved it! Just wanting to try some new restaurants. Thanks for the report.

    2. Piccolo Paradiso and Il Buco (on Robertson, not to be confused with La Buca) are the two worst (in all possible dimensions) restaurants of the Drago brothers.

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        I work across from Il Buco, and have lunch there all the time-
        I would put it above Paradiso, Tanino, and Panzanella on the Drago continuum
        (I think Il Pastaiao and Drago are my favs)

        Il Buco makes delicious thin crusted pizzas- I really like the one with eggplant and ricotta salata!!! I only wish Il Pastaiao made pizzas too!!!

      2. I've actually had a few good lunches there, but it's an industry scene at that time for sure. However, I always end up getting the same thing- I think it's a halibut special with a green sauce and crab salad. It's great! I do know people who love the pasta, etc but it's a good place for fish as well...

        1. Where is it located - I can't place it! Thanks.

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            Beverly Drive, just south of Wilshire on the east side of the street.

          2. I've tried it a couple of times because I live in the neighborhood. I really wanted to like it because you can sit outside with your dog (hard to do except at fast food type restaurants), but I just didn't think it was very good - neither the fish, nor the pasta, nor the desserts. I do remember that the waiters were very nice and the wine by the glass wasn't bad.